Happy Holidays

Hey all! I'm Caryn, I'm 24 and I live in NYC. I'm going back for a second degree now in nursing, and I'm finding it pretty tough! But I'm glad that I'm doing it!

1. New LJ Friends. We can all use new friends, right? I've made a lot of friends here over the years and I'd love to be able to make more this year.
2. Paid time/extra user pics for my LJ.
3. Think about your animals and make sure they get thier fair share of holiday treats and loving.
4. Try to do a little something every day to make one person smile. It could be as simple as sending someone a text to say hi...just do it. Tell someone how much they mean to you when you do this. You'd be amazed how sometimes someone just needs a pick me up.
5. Check out my Scentsy Wickless Candle site. All I want is for you to check it out and see what makes Scentsy so great.
6. Giftcards to Barnes & Nobles, Amazon.com & Lane Bryant are always welcomed and I promise they will be put to good use.
7. Wishes and good thoughts for me to get into a good nursing program! Any advice or tips on passing the pre-reqs and doing well or getting into a good program would be great as well!
8. I love farm fuzzy socks of all different colors. My room is super cold in the winter and I'm always wearing socks. The fuzzier the better.
9. Share a story with me that will make me smile. It doesn't take much!
10. My Amazon Wishlist

You can reach me at carynk@gmaildotcom
Mind if I add you as a friend?

I don't have any advice RE: a nursing program, but if you ever need any help doing research, I'm always helping the nursing students at the college (I'm a librarian). Just ask!
10. I have both books of Marian Keyes essays (Under the Duvet and Cracks in My Foundation) that I will gladly send if you want them! You can email your address/info to celeria at livejournal dot com.
1. feel free to add :) im always looking for new friends

4. i do that daily, for a group of people... its worth it, but i wish someone did it for me too.

7. keep your grades up! that is the biggest thing. most schools, even if you would make a wonderful nurse, its all about grades. some will look at other things, as well, but if you cant pass the course work, they probably wont accept you into the program, especially because you have to pass the boards. if you want to test the waters first, take a CNA class and see if you like health care. its the best way to start getting your hands wet and seeing if you like it before you spend 4+ years trying to get your RN.
study a lot! and get a good study group going. it helps.

9. do you like harry potter fan fiction? do you like reading things online? if so, i have a good one to send you.
I'm adding you.

I know it's all about grades and that is what scares me. The programs are so competitive!

I've never been into fan fiction for some reason.
hi, want to be friends? I'm 18 in a week, live in florida, obsessed with tv and schoolwork/getting into college at the moment and i have a lot of rants about people/ things... lol i sound so high maintenance, but if you want to be friends, let me know!
Hey :) If you'd like to friend me please feel free to do so... I'll friend you back quickly. I'll be honest and tell you I update rarely and when I do it is usually about boy woes (i know i know, even I think I'm lame) but I'm around your age and going after my second degree right now too...and finding it sort of hard too.. and you seem nice... so yes, friend away if you'd like :)
Hey, I just had a look at your journal - I would love to be your friend.
I've added you!