Happy Holiday's to all!

Hey all! My name is Franchesca (Chiara Francesca in the SCA). I work for a software company. I really love that this community is around as just reading the wishes is a gift in itself. :) I am 46 from Carnation Wa, I have three kiddos, a hubby, a kitty, a turtle, some self resurrecting sea monkeys, and this is my list, my wishes. :)

1) I have been searching for a new purse for two months now. It would be great if it could sling easily from the hand hold position to the shoulder, have metal feet and hold all the things that me as a mommy will need for my kiddos and hubby as well as my own stuff. I do not want this bag (you could feed a small nation at that price tag), it is only an example of what kind of look I am looking for. The look that I love is the Lockheart 'Kaycee' Satchel Handbag I just LOVE the rich color and the embroidery. :)

2) A Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer so that the family can work out inside during the cold winter months of the PNW. We live in a beautiful state where bike trails are all over the place. There are so many in fact that we can bike on them from where we live all the way to Mt Rainier! But the goal for next summer is for the family to bike all the way out to Rattle Snake lake and back over a weekend.

3) The book The Mysteries of Udolpho (Oxford World's Classics) by Terry Castle, Ann Ward Radcliffe. I do not know what it is about this book that has inspired many authors to quote from it in their books but I want to find out. I would love to curl up by the fire and read this book. This is one that if you find it with hand written notes in the margins and dog eared pages I would treasure it more than my most valuable costuming book. :)

4) Find a member of the military and send them a christmas care package.

5) The doll Mulan Warrior Mini Bean Bag by Canasa Trading Corp. I have been wanting this doll since the movie first came out. I just love the character. :)

6) The book Poems and Selected Letters (The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe) by Veronica Franco. Veronica Franco is a famous Venetian courtesan. The Honest Courtesan: Veronica Franco, Citizen and Writer in Sixteenth-Century Venice (Women in Culture and Society Series) by Margaret F. Rosenthal. A movie was loosely based on her life. But her costuming is what set most of my historical friends on fire! I would love to get to know the real person that inspired so much. :)

7) Egglings are the cutest little planters I have ever seen! I love them. I would love to have a few of these to put at my kitchen window sill and watch grow. :)

8) Anything from my Amazon wish list 9) Any heart earring design from Jenn Parrish

10) Blooming Teas! I wish they had this set with Earl Grey. I just love this set. :)

Franchesca Havas, 29014 NE Tolt Hill Rd, Carnation Wa, 98014. We can swap christmas cards!

Thanks in advance, and happy holidays to all of you.

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He's not a soldier, but I have a friend who is a sailor in Iraq that I'm going to be sending a box of homemade cookies. I'm planning on sending enough for him to share with most of the guys he works with.
Do you like "Shooting Star green tea with fruity notes"?
:) i see your addy above, but if you drop me a message, ill add you to my list and then send you mine back too :)
Yes! I would love some Bpal! :D

Your on my list! :)

Posting on your entry about my holiday donation. :)