I *love* this time of the year!

Hooray, it's wish list time! I'm Jen, 34, from Wichita, Kansas. I've been doing this every year now and I love it! So without further ado...

Dear Santa, I have been absolutely perfect very good not arrested this year, so could you please help me with the following:

1. Someone to knit socks for me – I have the yarn, I’ll send it to you with some dimensions of my foot. I just don’t have the wrist capacity to knit it all up!

2. Trivial Pursuit games – I have the old-school first Genus edition (the blue box), but I’m looking for any other cards, especially the other Genus editions.

3. Settlers of Catan – I love that game. I want any and all versions/expansions, etc. If you’re tired of it or didn’t like it, I’d love your game.

4. Bare Minerals makeup – Any blushes or eyeshadows would be lovely, or unused mascara or lipgloss/lipstick. Or foundation in the Fairly Light shade. I love Bare Minerals.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers anything – I know, they’re sucking badly this year, but I still gotta support my Bucs! Any merchandise would be greatly appreciated.

6. Tablespoon measuring spoons – Mom has managed to put *ALL* of our tablespoons down the garbage disposal. So if you have an extra tablespoon measuring spoon around (or want to raid your local thrift shop for me), I’m trying to stuff her stocking full of a bunch of them!

7. Hair band music – A lot of mine was on cassette tape and I’m trying to rebuild my collection. I have a lot of the greatest hits packages, but really, whatever you’ve got, I’ll take (either .mp3 or if you wanna burn me a disc, awesome).

8. Girl Scout cookies – Those girls should be around in January to take your order. Buy an extra box or five. I’m a lifetime Girl Scout and I wholeheartedly support the organization.

9. Learn CPR – If you’ve never taken it, it’s really not that hard. If you’re expired, go get recertified. You never know when you might need those skills.

10. The hot nurse down in ER to notice me. And ask me out. :)

Please message me on here or send an e-mail to wenchamok at gmail dot com for my mailing address. Happy holidays, y'all!
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We just got new measuring spoons, so I can send my old one along. :)

I really wish they sold Girl Scout cookies in England. Although our Guides can bake cookies, we don't really have anything like it, alas.
Thank you very much for giving me an excuse to buy extra girl scout cookies. :)
2. I have the Family Edition card set that someone gave me for a gift when I was little and that I never played (I hate Trivial Pursuit). If you don't know any kids, I'm sure you could play with just the grown-up cards (one box is yellow, the other is green). If you're interested, I will gladly send it! You can email me your address/info/polite declination at celeria at livejournal dot com.

10. I send good thoughts on this one! I know how that feels.
I hear ya. I love at least 5 of the varieties, so I end up with at least that many boxes every year. And sometimes a lot more!
Ooooo, Catan...do you ever play the online version, which I think is called Pioneers of Peru? (They changed it for copyright reasons...) If you play on line and want to play sometime, drop me a line...I am a Catan geek and have no one to play with at the moment.
I don't like football but I live in Tampa Bay Area so I'm sure I can find SOMETHING Bucs to send you. :) Drop me your address with your LJ name to webmater(at)giveneyestosee.com and I'll add you to my list. :)

Have a beautiful holiday season!
8. i always order these. i need to get my lifetime membership, i keep putting it off. i worked at a girl scout camp for 2 summers, and was a girl scout from 2nd grade till i was 20.

9. im a first responder since 2001

10. good luck with that one ;-) in the process, can you snag me a firefighter?
10. good luck with that one ;-) in the process, can you snag me a firefighter?

*snerk* It'd be so much easier if there weren't so many freakin' people down there in the ER. And if I find an extra firefighter, I'll send him that way. But I have a thing for them too, so we'll see how many I can hunt down. :)
hehee. at least i made you laugh :)

you looking for any more lj buddies? if so, feel free to add.

firefighters fun. im chasing one right now and not getting very far

I would be happy to thrift store for a few tablespoons for you, in the hopes that you can in fact FILL a stocking full of them. What an amazingly funny prank/joke! :)

Email or PM me with the address to send them to!
#3 - I wish I could help you out -- I want that myself. :)

Also felt the need to comment because you started your letter to santa similar to the way I started mine last year -- though I didn't know about this community last year, so the letter I wrote just went into my stocking in hopes that the jolly fat man in red would happen by and read it. :)
#9 For you, and because I constantly forget and so this is good motivation (and I really DO want to)... I shall do it. ;) The next time they offer cheap courses at my university anyway. :D
#4 I'd love to send you some mineral makeup. =)
Please send me your address at:
Keeping my fingers crossed for you on #10. =)

And thank you for sharing your five things with me!