Holiday Wish List

Good morning friends I am so excited to be a part of this group again this year! I had so much fun last year and made some friends! About me, I am 29 years old, I live in Baltimore, and I work as an inner city missionary. I raise my own support to work full-time for a church/non-profit, so some of my wishes will be for things I can use in my program, that I run for kids. Want to find out more

1. Anything Knitted: I love handmade knitted items, scarves, hats, mittens etc. I would be happy with anything :)!
2. Gift Cards: To places like Wal-Mart, Target or Mcdonalds, I use them to help buy supplies for our kids program, food for teen nights and double cheeseburgers for kids who earn them :)!
3. Mix CD's- I would love some CD's with some of your favorite music, I like all kinds of music so surprise me!
4. Gloves: I would love to collect 100 pairs of Gloves I can give away to homeless people in my area.
5. Recipes: I love to cook and am always looking for some great recipes, quick and easy are the best!
6. Journals: I love to write and would love a new journal. Maybe handmade one?
7. Ps I love you Scent: I would love anything from Bath and Body works with the PS I Love you scent
8. Love: I would love for you to love someone that's hard to love, also anything representing love, I would to collect.
9. A box of surprises: it doesn't have to be expensive, just a box of goodies that would surprise me :)!
10. Do a good deed for someone you don't know!

Will send mailing address upon request! I am off to grant some wishes of my own!
I have a spare pair of gloves left over from a present I'm making for a friend (they only sell them in packs of two... it's bizarre), which I would be more than happy to send you. I think it's a great, really nice idea. :)

If you'd like them, drop me an e-mail with your address at
I'll be glad to do number 3! Do you mind sending over an email address with your LJ username? Mine is

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4. I went through my suitcase and came up with two pairs of gloves: one set is blue chenille and stretchy (and has a matching scarf, not that I necessarily think it matters whether it matches, but obviously I don't wear it either) and one is black leather and probably a women's small (I don't have big hands, and they are tight on me).

ETA: Also, I made my mother raid/clean out the box of winter stuff, so she came up with two more knitted pairs and two more leather pairs, and I'll also ask my brother about his ski-style gloves.

If you think you can use them, send me an email with your address (I am celeria at livejournal dot com) and I will be happy to pass them on!

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I have a trial bottle of the PS I love you scent, and I can send you one of my knitted facecloths. Can you drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Knitted Facecloth and PS I Love You" in the Subject and your addy in the body?

I'll be doing #10 as well.
I picked up some extra stretchy knit gloves today. If you'll send me an address at, I'll mail them to you and you'll only need 98 pairs!

Are you partial to purple? I'd like to maybe make you a scarf or hat - I have some soft squishy purple yarn, but it's too thick for baby stuff and I already have a scarf.

Eeep! I run on a bit sometimes!
5. drop me your email and ill add you to my recipe list.

6. one tip: pick up a blank journal from barnes and noble. buy some tacky glue. get some pictures that you like and trim them. take the glue and mix with some water, to make it paintable. paint it on the cover of the book. you have to have all the pictures done already, because this part moves fast. take the pictures and lay them down on the top of the cover, with the glue already on it, it will stick. put alittle more glue wash over the top and keep sticking pictures over the whole cover. you can overlap them, too, so that it makes a collage, or you can put them next to eachother so its just covered. after all the pictures are on, take the glue and cover it one more time, but make straight paint strokes, so theres no lines. try not to make bubbles while you do this, because it will leave bubble holes. you can cover this another time or two after you have done this, but if you do it heavy enough, you shouldnt have to. it isnt water proof, so just becareful of water. theres products that you can get, that will seal it alittle better, but i need to go and find one for my project im working on myself. :)

10. did one today.
I can send a recipe or two, and email you some music, if your email account will accept large files.

Drop me a line at: bianca dot slate at gmail dot com
Hm ... I think I could surprise you with something fun ... :) PM me info for mailing?
Pm me with your snailmail address for a surprise!