My wishlist for 2009

Hello, everyone. I think this is my third year doing this. Every year I enjoy sending out tons of cards and holiday cheer.
A little about myself: My name is Heather. I live in Mississippi. I have three cats. Well, two of them I claim....the other might as well be mine. I live out in the middle of nowhere so it's kinda quiet and very far away from everything. I recently got my bachelors in psychology and am working at a behavioral health hospital about 45 minutes away from me. I work with children which can be very stressful at times. I do get some joy out of it though. Not sure what else to put here....I'm not very good at describing myself.
I've looked through pretty much everyone's wishlist so far. If you have a wish for a holiday card or a recipe, I've bookmarked your list and will definitely be getting back to you. Pretty much all I can offer this year is a card or something online like a recipe or something like that.
Anyway, on to my wishlist. Thanks for looking!

1) Anything cat related: I love all things cat. Stuffed animals, pictures, ceramics, banks, hats, scarves.....anything with a cat on it or is a cat I will love it. I've gotten paintings, statuettes, and stickers in the past. I've loved all of it.

2) Long scarves: So far I only have one, but I could really use more. I like them to wrap around my neck at least twice and still hang down a good bit. Soft fabrics are a must. I can't stand itchy material.

3) Donate to your local no kill shelter.: I know they always need food and other donations at the one around here. Keep our furry friends in mind this holiday season and send any kind of gift you can to your local no kill shelter.

4) If you have the means, adopt an animal.: By no means do I mean give one as a gift. If you have the means to take care of one, please consider adopting one from a shelter. All the cats I have were born here, but if I had the money, I would adopt every single cat I saw in PetSmart. Unfortunately, that's not something I can do.

5) Donations to my PayPal account: This year I'm hoping to be able to get parts to build a computer. The one I have is getting old and slow. I would like to be able to clean this one up and give it to my mom, but I can't do that 'til I am able to build another one for myself. It doesn't have to be much....can just be a couple dollars if you can afford it. My PayPal account email is

6) Holiday cards: I always enjoy getting cards of all types. Who doesn't though?

7) Cat treats: There are some strays outside of work that I give treats to every morning and afternoon. Every time they see me they come running to me 'cause they know I'm gonna love on them and give them some tasty kitty treats. My cats at home don't particularly like treats so it's nice to be able to give these kitties some joy. Plus it makes my work day a little brighter. Doesn't matter what kind....I tend to give them the Friskies Party mix, but I'm sure they'd eat anything I gave them.

8) Recommendations on a Pet Insurance company: I've got three cats I need to insure. One of them is 12 years old so the company would have to insure him also. I know soon he's probably gonna start having some old kitty issues so I'd like to have some insurance before then.

9) Old Navy gift certificates: I absolutely LOVE Old Navy. I swear the lady that works the fitting room in the one close to wear I work knows me by name now. Every time I have a little extra money I go in there and spend it. They even make a big girl feel good.....I normally wear a size 18/20 in pants and an XXL in shirts, but I can wear a 16 in their pants and an XL in their shirts.

10) Video games for my PS3 or PSP: They can be used....I don't mind. Or you can just give me recommendations for games. I haven't been in a game store in a while....been too busy to browse through one. I love RPGs and anything that has a story of some sort.

Thanks for going through all that. I know everyone can get bogged down with all the wishlist reading. I try my best to at least scan everyone's so I can see if I can offer them something. I hope everyone has a good holiday season!
Forgot to put my email address in...Oops! If you want my address for anything, email me at Please put Holiday wishes in the subject so I don't think it's spam. Thanks!
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I'm planning on adopting from a no-kill shelter after the holidays calm down.

Can you please PM me your address so I can mail you a card?

I don't know if you have a PetSmart in your area but some of them have Banfield Pet Hospital. They have "insurance" plans that are awesome. Instead of normal pet insurance, which you pay into and then get reimbursed after you send in the receipts you pay into this and stuff is covered plain and simple. I've got my dog on the basic plan that covers the yearly checkup and shots and gives a discount for other stuff because he's still young but they have like 5 different levels of care available that cover almost everything. and my dog is a rescue puppy!
Yay! for fellow cat lovers. :D I've got two mongrels of my own.

There's a no-kill shelter in our area and my husband and I are going to donate things from the list on their website.

*seconds Banfield* I have both my kitties on their plans. The plan covers basic visits and then covers a bit on medicine and extras.

Will you pm me your address so I can send you a card and few surprises?
Oh, I almost forgot! It sounds like we wear the same size in pants and tops. :)

By any chance, are you petite or wear petite pants? I've got two pairs of size 18p pants that don't fit me. One pair is a bit too bit and the other pair has kind of a long rise and the legs are a little long on me. I have a 28/29 inch inseam. Let me know if you'd like these pants. :)
Sure I'll take anything you wanna give me. I can definitely wear petite pants, but I'm good with rolling them up too....been doing it forever :)
I'll PM you now :)
*points to icon* This is one of my three rescued feral cats. I also work with a feral cat project, which you can find at I advocate for adoption and no-kill shelters in the DFW area (and any other time I get a chance). Thanks for including this on your list.

I'd love to send you a card. Can you drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Card" in the Subject and your addy in the body? Also remind me that you love cat stuff, and I'll see if I have a cat card...
I'll do that now :)

I always try to help out the local shelters. I can never really give money, but I try to buy a bag of food or something when I can.

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I'd be happy to send you a card. Just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at
send me an e-mail with your address to with "holiday mail" in the subject so i know what i'm sending you.
I've got your #4 down! I'm adopting FOUR rats from a rat rescue next week! :) (yes, rats need a loving forever home too!)
That's great! I never thought of rats as needing homes, but you're right, they certainly do :)