Holiday Wishes from CT

I've participated in this group for the past few years and I love it. I'm disabled and money's super tight this year. I don't know how many wishes I'll be able to grant this year but I'll try my best.

1) Anything off my wishlist
2) Yarn...any kind or color
3) Socks. I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe, but any kind of sock will do.
4) Mugs. Any kind of coffee mug...I drink coffee constantly and tea and I love mugs of any kind.
5) Donate to your local Humane Society. Adopt a pet. I volunteer at my local Humane Society as a dog walker and I love my gig there. I just wish more people adopted.
6) A book light. I am always losing mine. So a few little book lights would rock.
7) Gift cards to Barnes and Noble, ACMoore, or Starbucks.
8) Candles of any kind.
9) Dog sweaters for a Llapsa Apso. She weighs 13 lbs. and it's cold here in the winter.
10) Tea of any kind.

E-mail me at for my address. Put "Christmas wishes" in the subject. Thanks so much for granting my wishes.
I'm planning on adopting after the holidays. Thank you for your work with the furrballs.
Thank you for choosing adoption. And remember that older pets need a loving home too, and often they're already trained at least a little bit, though sometimes they need a little coaxing to get them to do tricks.
I'm aiming for an oldie but goodie. Hubby and I are pretty low key, so we figure an older dog would feel more comfortable with us than a puppy.
I wound up adopting a 6 year old pup a few days after new year. It took her a little bit to come out of her shell, but she's sweet as can be and was already housebroken. She's really made a difference in my life.
that is so great. I'm so happy for you. My doggie, who I already loved, has been my reason for living this year, as my mother passed away in May and it totally destroyed me.