I need a little Chirstmas - Right this Very Minute

Hi Everyone,

Happy Holidays!

I'm a 28 year old teacher in Philadelphia. I've participated in this community in the past few years and love the holiday spirit.

What I'd love this year:

Classroom Supplies:

1. Board Games (I use the pieces for manipulatives. We also use the games during rainy recesses and as part of an After School program.) New or used is fine, as long as it has all the pieces.
2. Writing Supplies (and another class to write to) - We always need pencils.
3. Character Band-aids (We don't have a lot of scrapes and bruises, but when we do, the kids always want a "cool" band-aid. It makes them feel so much better.)
4. Items for my prize box (I give out Jungle Bucks for positive behaviors and for reading rewards and open up a store on Friday afternoons. The box includes small, inexpensive items or candy.) So anything that you think would go over well will be greatly appreciated.
5. Markers

For my friends/family:

6. Anything Scooby Doo. He's my boyfriend's all time favorite character.
7. Anything Snoopy. He's my brother's favorite.

For myself

8. Sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ (any brand). I have very fair skin and go through it really fast.
9. Christmas ornaments (I love getting ornaments for the tree. This will be my first tree-on my own, and want to fill it up.)
10. Cookie Things (In the past I've received actual cookies, recipes, or cookbooks). Baking cookies is my favorite holiday tradition. Anything that is cookie related will be perfect.

Thanks for looking....Have a great and blessed holiday season!
I have some classroom type things that you can have! Drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Classroom Goodies" in the Subject and your addy in the body!
Hobnob cookies, omnomnom

8oz self raising flour
8oz sugar
8oz porridge oats
8oz margarine
1tbsp golden syrup
1tbsp hot water
1/2 tsp bic soda


Mix the flour, oats and sugar, melt marg, syrup and water in a pan. Stir in bic soda and add to dry mix.

Then mix well and make into smallish balls which you then put on a greased tray and flatten slightly with a fork. Put in the oven at 180 degrees C for 15 mins... and cool on the tray. The aim is to get them golden in the oven not brown.
As a former teacher who is trying to get back in, I understand the need for supplies.

Send me a message on LJ with an addy and I will get some of those things to you and your students.

What age group are your students (like 6 year olds vs 10 year olds)?

I have a pair of kiddie sunglasses that I could donate to you, if you'd like.

If you feel that this would be useful to you, feel free to email worstxintentions at gmail dot com with the subject "Holiday Wishes - Sunglasses" and your address.
Hi! I can send you some things for your prize box from mine. I can send a few bandaids too:)

Send ur addie to ssmadella at hotmail