How'd We Get Here Again

Man, it seems the holidays are upon us once more. Where does the time go?

Hello there. My name is Katie, and I'm a writer located in Ohio. I'm not sure that I posted here last year, I know I did the original meme version. (See: documented evidence.) I was really touched by the response that I received, and I promised myself that I'd pass along the proverbial tidings of comfort and joy as soon as I had the means. Turns out I'll be able to do so this year, and I do so look forward to it! Money was tight last year, so I have to make up for lost time.

Of course, I had to make my own wish list. Sorry for the terminal loquaciousness. It's how I roll, I'm afraid.

1) A Resume and Cover Letter Critique - After being laid off from my position as an assistant editor in 2008, I have been trying like mad to get back into my field. I can't seem to get an interview, and I can't help but wonder if my resume and/or cover letter is scaring people away or summat. If anyone out there has experience as a resume doctor and wouldn't mind taking a peek at mine, I'd be most grateful.

2) Networking Opportunities - I'm on LinkedIn, I have a professional blog that needs updating, and I'm eager to talk shop with others in media and/or communications. Drop me a line if you're interested.

3) Job Leads - Are you a recruiter? A human resources/hiring manager? Someone who's adept with skills assesment? Let's talk.

4) Helping My Fiance with the Above Three - My fiance, theycallmeboy, is an amazing writer, a highly talented director, and the kindest, most loving person I have ever known. He's also been desperately searching for work in his native Ireland since December of last year. I got lucky and got a day job - he has not. If anyone out there can help him out with the items I mentioned above, we'd both be very grateful. I'll get you in touch with him, so no worries there.

5) Donate to Charity - I'm partial to Heifer International, the Arbor Day Foundation, UNICEF and The Sierra Club. You can be partial to anything you want - as much as I'd love to direct the members of this community to raise me an army of goats, trees and bees, I know that isn't everyone's cuppa. And that's ok. Donate wherever you see a need, and remember that no amount is too small. Don't believe me? Check out Kiva and Small Can Be Big. Donate money, time, old clothes, extra food, whatever you have. It's never too little to make an impact.

6) Bookcrossing Buddies - I'm one of those Bookcrossers who loves to see my books go places but has a really bad track record with wild releases. If you want to trade books (or just get random free ones in the mail every so often), I'd be thrilled!

7) In His Own Write - I am a huge John Lennon fan, and I was thrilled when I found out that this book was back in print. (I'd searched for it for years, convinced myself that I'd never be able to find it and contented myself with reading the copy at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which only ever displayed 'The Wrestling Dog'.) Being the absent-minded sort, I keep reminding myself to buy this and then promptly forgetting when something shiny enters my field of vision. Having this show up at my door would make me a very happy music nerd indeed.

8) Info and/or Equipment for Tunisian crochet - I'm a loom knitter in my fall/winter spare time (spring and summer is taken up with gardening), but my crochet and tradition knitting experiences have been...not all that successful. My aunt told me about this, and I think I'd like to give it a whirl. If any of you have any information about how to do it, or if you have spare equipment that you want to get rid of, that would be wonderful! I have plenty of yarn, so I'd just need the needles and/or an instruction manual.

9) Handmade soap - I'm very sensitive to sodium lauryl sulfate, an additive in most commercial soaps that makes for a rich lather but is hell on my skin. If any of you out there are soapmakers who don't use artificial colors, fragrances or SLS/SLS derivatives, I would *love* to try your soap. (Natural fragrances are fine, just nothing synthetic.) If you sell your wares, there's a very good chance you'll turn me into a customer. I just need a sample!

10) An alarm clock (UK voltage) - Remember the awesome fiance I told you about? Well, he needs an alarm clock. I'd have no problem packing one up and shipping it to him, but there's a complication - I'm from the US, he's from (and still living in) Ireland, and while our hearts may be compatible, the voltage for our appliances is not. If any of you live in the UK or Ireland and can help me obtain a little alarm clock with a radio and/or CD option, it'd be a real weight off my shoulders. I will pay for the clock and the shipping - I just need someone to physically obtain the clock and send it on its way.

Well, that should do it! Thanks much, and here's to a happy holiday season for all! If you have any questions/concerns, shoot me an e-mail at kiji_kat2004 at yahoo dot com. Again, thank you!
Hi! Mod here. Just to let you know, we actually recommend that you don't put your list behind a cut, since it makes it easier for people browsing through the community. You can leave it there if you wish, though!

Also, don't forget to tag your list! :D
Done and done. Thanks for the heads up!

And sorry about the tags. I was going to add them after posting using the "edit tags" option, but it went into the mod queue and I couldn't get to it.
Oh, don't worry about not tagging. It's easier to tag after your list has been approved. As I commented right after I approved your list, you hadn't yet had time to do it! It was just a reminder, since some people forget to do it at all. :)
I'd be happy to take a look at your resume and cover letter if you like. I definitely know how to put together a good resume and cover letter (my last one put me in the top 8 out of close to 100 applicants for the position, which got me an interview, which got me my dream job), and I've helped others do the same in the recent past.

If you want to check and see that I'm a real person, feel free to visit my user info and check out my (few and far between) public posts, and then if you still want me to take a look at your resume package, you can e-mail it to me at janea at paws-and-effect dot com with the subject line "holiday wishes: resume review."

(Edit: Oh, and please feel free to redact any identifying details like your name, address, and phone number if you feel more comfortable doing so.)

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Thank you so much! I have no problem sharing my name, address and so on - I just prefer to do it via e-mail than posting it online for anyone to stumble upon.

I trust that you're a real person, so I'll be sending my info along soon enough. It would be great if your expertise could start getting me into the coveted top ten, as it were. Right now, I have a feeling that all my stuff is going right into the editor/publisher's circular file, if you know what I mean. ;-)
Oooh! That looks intriguing! I'll have to see if I can find that or have my fiance send some over - I usually like something with a little scent, but I'd love to try that soap just to see what it's like. Olive oil seems to work well with my body chemistry, more so than some other soaps I've tried. Thanks for the recommendation!
is magnesium laureth sulfate the same thing that you are allergic to? if not i have found that the OJON line of hair products to be the best thing ever to have happened to my hair, skin and my cats fur lol.


the tawaka line can be used just like soap and lotion or shampoo and conditioner but its not going to be made any more. [its what i use as soap/cream amd i use the hydration line for shampoo conditioner] i use the revitalizing leave in mist on my cats and its dreamy for their fur.

i have very medically damaged baby silk fine hair and this stuff is the ONLY thing that has done anything for my hair. [i have juvenile diabetic and hypothyroidism hair/skin] i obviously love this stuff as expensive as it is, but you only need a little.

there is a batawa body wash too but hey, why get just that when you can go all the way right? it is sold on the home shopping network, check it out.
I'm not sure about magnesium laureth sulfate, but I generally tend to stay away from anything with a "lau- sul-" in it. I know that sodium laureth sulfate is the same as lauryl sulfate - it's the same thing, different name - so I'm not sure if the magnesium bit would make a difference.

I've never heard of OJON, but I can't recommend this bar shampoo highly enough. My hair tends toward dryness, but this stuff leaves it feeling like silk. I'm not one of the fortunate ones who can get away without using a conditioner, but this shampoo is the best I've used.
my hair nearly always feels like some silky thing lol, just very thin silkly thing. not exactly my goal.

if you are able to get advice from an allergist or have a really good google-fu you could find out if they are the same compound chemically though.

the ojon brand is nature made so its naturally occuring product in a bottle; the ingredient list is just the chemical compound names of all these wonderful organic things because of people like you who have these allergies [and for shipping laws haha, thats ONE way to by-pass them rather than putting "water" on the label you put hydrogen oxide- technically its the exact same thing. all the ingredients of the ojon line are from deep in the south american rainforests so they'd have to be creative.
The only wish I can truly grant is donating to charity. There isn't a specific one this year because I'm in a new location and living off student loans, but I help as I can day-to-day. Actually, I couldn't help myself. I just gave bees through Heifer Intl. I miss the two hives I started this past school year, and with CCD and all, bees are needed more than ever. Especially if they can help someone in need.
I've been meaning to start making soap, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Etsy has some great handmade soaps: (this seemed good-- they have samples, too). And I'd also like to suggest beeswax soaps for their mildness. They generally tend to have fewer synthetic components. If I end up making soap before the end of the holiday season, I'll be sure to send you some (it takes like two weeks to cure, though).
Also, as for bookcrossing, I'm with you there. I'd love to be on the receiving end of your books; unfortunately, all my reading time is spent with textbooks these days. I signed up here last year. Not sure if I ever swapped books before I was eaten by my medical texts or not, but it certainly looked like a good way to keep books in circulation- and going to those who wish to read them.
Oh, and one more- I don't live in the UK, so I can't really help you there. But if you're willing to pay for it anyhow (and no one grants your wish), you should be able to purchase and ship an alarm clock through

Happy Holidays!
Thank you for the bees! I used to be afraid of them as a child, but I find them incredibly fascinating now. I'd love to start a hive someday - once I'm back on my feet fully and can afford a house, I'll be doing just that.

I didn't know there was such a thing as beeswax soap, but I'll be on the lookout for it from now on. I'd love to try some of your soap, and don't worry about the curing time. The thing about soap is that you'll always need it - if it isn't done by the holidays, just send it along anyway. :-) In the meantime, I will certainly take a look around Etsy and see what I can find there. I really want to start supporting crafters, even as I try to become one myself. What better way to support this small but growing movement?

Lastly, thanks for the tip. I had no idea US citizens could sign up for an account there!

It will be done! I'll warn you in advance that my tastes are strange and that some of the books will go to theycallmeboy before they go anywhere else, but I would be more than happy to share and swap with you. I look forward to sharing the site with you!

And if I can crank one out in due time, would you like a knitted thing?
The e-mail associated with me on Bookcrossing is . Please add me as a friend.
If you want to send me your resume, I'll look at it. I do recruiting/interviews/hiring for my company, though I'm not an HR person and it's not my full time job. shelby dot l dot miller at g mail dot com. Hopefully I can help some.

Groovy. dances_withcats is taking a look at it right now, but I can send along my current resume, if you like. If you'd rather wait until she's done with it, that's fine too. Just let me know what's what!
I'll take a look at your resume and cover letter(s). Send em to me at . I can also give some tips on interviewing.

As for 'credentials'...I was involved in the hiring process at Red Hat (Linux/tech company) from the ground up. All resumes were funneled through me (we totally skipped HR, haha), and I sorted them into interview/phone screen/discard/save so everyone can laugh heartily at them. ;)

Shoot em over if you want me to look at em. Any format is fine.
Cool deal. dances_withcats is working on polishing up my resume at the moment - did you want me to send you my "before" resume or the "after" one?

Interviewing tips would be greatly appreciated as well. I seem to do well with them, but you can never have too much advice. :-)
Send both. :) It'll be nice to see what she suggested as well.

I'll toss you some interveiw tips when I see your resume. Hit me up at !
Awesome! I see you also got to theycallmeboy as well, so that's a big plus there. :-)

I'll ping you soon, either by e-mail or AIM. I look forward to speaking with you!
Holiday Wishes!!
Just an fyi.. if you don't get teh lennon book, you can put it on order with your local bookstore, especially chains.. or try amazon.. :)
Re: Holiday Wishes!!
Thanks much! I'll get that book one way or another - I have to. It's fab! :)
So, I started packing up my apartment for a major move today, and suddenly the need for distraction came about. (I love the internet sometimes.) I came across a package from last year (yes, it was opened, but still most of it's contents were in the box still) and it occured to me that I hadn't been on main LJ page (poeticgoddss) in almost a year, since last Christmas when I did the 2009 Holiday Wishes group. (I say my main page, because I have a knitting/crafting/baking one---knittergoddss---and a writing/photography one---2010poetic; yes, I realize this makes me insane and nuerotic.) Anyway, I went on LJ to see if the 2010 Holiday Wishes had started yet, and found that it hadn't, but, still looking for distraction, I started going through 2009's wishes.

Are you still looking for bookcrossing buddies? If so, I'm on there and would love to be friends...