Week 2 - Reminders and Open Thread

holiday_wishes has now been open for a week! I hope everyone is having a wonderful time posting their lists and granting wishes. Things seem to be going really smoothly so far, so the mods have only a few reminders to make as we move into week two:

1. Everyone who posts a wishlist needs to be aware of the rules and reminders and posting guidelines. Reading the rules before you post your list will make life easier for both yourself and the mods! In particular, make sure you include no more than three giftcards, number your list, and keep your formatting simple (do not bold the entire list, change the fonts or colors, etc.). We've found that these guidelines are the ones most often violated in rejected wishlists.
2. Do not put your wishlist behind a cut. While browsing the community, it's actually much easier to read wishlists without having to click on LJ-cut links every time. So unless your wishlist is unusually long with explanations and descriptions, or unless it contains images, you do not have to put it behind a cut.
3. Tag your list! Most of you have tagged your list, but there are still quite a few wishlists without tags. Remember, it's in your best interest if you tag, as it makes your list much easier to find when people are browsing through the community.
4. And finally, use the monthly archives and tags to take a look at earlier posted wishlists. I know the community has only been open a week, but we have already had over 250 wishlists posted. So try to make sure that no one's list gets overlooked!

And finally, this is your open thread for the week. Questions? Comments? Shout outs? Gestures of thanks? Holiday Cat Macros? Post them below! In particular, it's now Thanksgiving week in the United States. Do those of you who live there have any plans to celebrate the holiday?
Re: :D
hm. looks like I may need to revamp my submitted(as of today)list. Will I have a chance to do that?
you guys ought to post a guideline about shipping food. its something highly frowned apon at the border so even at the holidays many packages do get stopped containing food related items/exotic scented items.

i knowthat they are going to crack down on this this year sooo rather than have disappointed senders best nip it in the bud.
i've already received 2 holiday cards and some coupons! I am so excited. i love this community, thank you for keeping it up
Help! I was writing my list, and managed to accidentally post the uncompleted entry while adding the tags. Am I able to edit it once it's been approved? I tried resubmitting, but it won't accept a second entry. Thanks in advance!
If you see lists that need tagging, and want to help with that, that would be awesome! It's not hugely important, though.
Just wanna thank you for all the work you do for this community :)
Just wanted to say that this community is awesome. :) Thanks for having it!
I accidentaly posted my wishlist before I was finished!

What can I do? Will it be possible to edit it once it is posted? I just need to add a couple more things!

Or if not, any way I can get what I've already typed? (can it be emailed or something? ThatGirlLil(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks so much!

Edited at 2009-11-28 06:40 pm (UTC)
Is it okay if I link to a wish list I've written in my LJ? Does that count as an external wish list?
What is the expected turn around time between submitting a list and it being posted? I am afraid that mine didn't go through, but don't want to jump the gun and repost if it's still in the mod queue. I know that you guys have tons of lists to go through, and so if it's there, that's fine! I just wanted to check.
The longest a list should be in the queue is a day or two, and that's only if the mods have to discuss whether or not to approve it. On average, though, lists are in there for a few hours at most.

I don't see your list in the queue, and it hasn't been approved. I don't know what could have happened, but please do resubmit it!
I just recently today submitted a wish list and I realized that I didn't put my e-mail address on there and I didn't tag my items. I read the rules and I didn't see anything about tagging items, I guess I just missed that part. So will this result in my submission being rejected? If so I was just wondering and I will resubmit. Thanks!!
Don't worry! Neither of those would keep your submission from being rejected. You can make the minor edit to add your e-mail address after it goes through, and we actually recommend that you tag your items after your list is actually posted!
i hope this gets to someone. i have a card addressed to tess flagg and i think she wanted eye shadow. i cant find her post or her full address. i must have accidentally deleted it. any ideas on how to find her? i promised her eyeshadow and i dont want to not grant that wish.