From Russia with love :)

Hello everyone, such an awesome community you have here! It’s the first time I post here, the whole idea is great! I’m going to send some cards and make other wishes come true. My name is Polina, I’m from Smolensk, Russia. A teacher of English, now a housewife with a baby . As for the wishlist, dear Santa, I want to get as a present…
1. More opportunity to improve my English. And maybe also German  Speak to me, please!
2. Anything for making beads. I love making polymer clay jewellery and there’s never enough supplies.
3. Lampwork beads are my very special dream. I know they are sooo hard to do and expensive, so I just dream of two beads which I will make myself earrings of.
4. Anything Ladybug-related. I adore them 
5. Holiday cards by snail-mail. It must be fun to get a postcard or two from somewhere far away, be sure to receive answers!
6. A surprise-gift – that’s great!
7. Anything for the dearest baby (he’s 1,5 years old, my son Michael) He loves presents!
8. I want everyone who reads this to stand up, just go and hug your mum, husband, granny, baby, or your brother/sister… say you love them 
9. Photos of Christmas fun! Make a snowman, and let me see its photo 
If you want my email or real address, comment to this entry. Happy holiday time for everyone!
If you send me your address to, I will send you a holiday card in the mail!
Can you send me your address and I can send you a card. Send it to with what I promised.

Also I did 8 to my dad- since he's the only one home and he just kinda stared at me surprised.
ah send me your addy at and we shall see what arrives :D
Here's a snowman from a couple years ago:



Happy Holidays!
I never thought they could be snowman-like :) But I think that's great ^) I'll send you a message with my address. Thank you!
Please e-mail me at with your address. In the subject write "holiday wishes" and then in the body of the e-mail, along with your address, just write holiday postcard so I know what I planned on sending you.
I'll send a card! Drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Card" in the Subject and your address in the body. If you want to improve your written English, I love to write and receive letters as well :)
Hello! I've sent the address. I write to this community for the second day only, but I FEEL how I recall my English :) Letters would be great, and you can also write to my LJ. Thank you :)
5. I would love to send you a card. Message me with your address?

8. Done!
I can mail you a card. E-mail your address to
Holiday Wishes!!
I'd like to help with 5&6 so send me your address.. Send me an email, but please include your lj username & use the subject holiday wishes.. My email is neonrose5 at