Holiday Wishes :)

Hi guys! I'm Heather, 23 years old, from Illinois. I'm in school and will be student teaching next semester, then hopefully, I'll be done! This is my 3rd year wishing and granting wishes in this community and I absolutely love the spirit of it all!

1. Children's Books. I've noticed in my pre-student teaching that most teachers have huge collections of books for their kids, so I kind of want to get a head start on that. I don't know what grade I'll be teaching, but I'm hoping somewhere between 3rd and 5th grade. Any chapter books or reference books you think kids around that age might enjoy would be so appreciated. Used is perfectly fine!

2. Paid time for LiveJournal. Mine's expired and I miss my userpics.

3. Reward Stickers with Success Bell. Oddly specific, I know, but this has apparently been discontinued by the manufacturer, so I really, really want to get my hands on one while there are still a few around.

4. Anything from my Amazon Wishlist, new or used.

5. A copy of Encyclopedia Brown and the Mysterious Presidency of George W. Bush. I've put this on my list every year, but I won't give up! The Encyclopedia Brown people stopped this parody from being published, but supposedly there were a few leaked copies before it got pulled.

6. Interview tips. I'm getting the impression that it's next to impossible to find a teaching job (or any job). If you have any interview tips for me, especially if they apply to the teaching field, I'd really appreciate it. I feel like I've devoured every article and blog about the topic, but more can't hurt.

7. A printer. This is my big ticket item, so I'm not really holding my breath, but I could really use a working printer. Doesn't have to be super nice, just something I can print my schoolwork on.

8. The Chuck poster from Comic Con. Again, not holding my breath, but this is the poster from Comic Con, and it's the coolest poster I've ever seen.

9. Target giftcard. Pretty much my favorite store ever.

10. Teaching supplies. Any random things a first-year elementary school teacher might need. Stickers that say "good job", that sort of thing.

Thanks so much to all of you awesome people who participate in the community. Please e-mail me at geekily[at]gmail[dot]com if you need my contact info. If you're granting one of my wishes, please leave me a link to your list! I'll try my best to do something on yours. Thanks, and happy holidays!
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I would like to try and grant some of your wishes!

Could you please email me at a link to your wishlist and your address!

6. I'm not a teacher but I have a few friends that are -- what I gather from talking with them, as they've bounced back and forth between having a job and not having a job and then having one again -- big plus if you can do anything for the school outside of just teaching. I don't know how applicable it is to younger ages, but I know after several interviews, my friend Jen knew she had been hurt by the fact that she couldn't coach volleyball or the speech team. If there's anything like that at the age level you're going for, anything you'd be suited to coach/advise/etc., make sure the interviewer knows it -- without being too too too blunt. :)
I'd be happy to grant a couple of these wishes! send me an email with your mailing address to :)
I can grant number 10. Can you please send me your address and what I promised to