YAY!! Holiday_Wishes time!

YAY it's Holiday_Wishes time again!! Whoo Hoo! Has it really been four years of this now? Oh I LOVE this Group! :) I always look forward to it, every year! (happydance!)

I'm just some Artist kind of guy who lives in the Pacific Northwest (North of Seattle, Wa) and I am lookin' forward to the holiday stuff this year! *yay* Here's my Wishlist:

1) Boot Socks.
You know, the thick over-the-calf kind of socks? My feetsies are cold. Thicker is Better!

2) Boots.
I need a new pair of shoes. Seriously! I wear (mens) size 9 or 9 1/2, and I am not picky about the shape or type. If it will keep my feetsies dry, and my toesies safe, then it works! Anything from muck-boots to workboots would work.

3) Work Pants.
Yah, Uh... I sculpt, I do pottery, I do livestock, and now I go to college too... I need PANTS, and that's embarassing, but true. You know us guys, we don't LIKE to do the shopping-for-clothes thing. Will they fit me? Are they PANTS? On they go! (I wear 42 waist, and anything around 32-ish length -I can always roll cuffs up if they're too long) and really, just workpants: Carhart, Levi, canvas, denim, you know? I'd even wear bib-pants, or fatigue/millitary style pants!

4) De-cluttering/De-Hoarding supplies.
I can sit on my couch again!! OMG... seriously, for me, this is a HUGE deal! I am still de-cluttering piles and boxes of stuff- I could really use help organizing the things as I work on this serious problem- so like those pop-up bins for sorting (sometimes sold as laundry hampers or recycleable organizers) or rubbermaid containers, or fold-up boxes, that kind of thing? That would HELP. Really! Help me become a normal person again. I could even have /friends/ over someday!! (WOW!)

5) Wood Carving Tools.
I am an Artist by trade, and I could really use some replacement wood working tools. (I use them to carve other material like dry clays and plaster, as well as wood, so I wear 'em out!) Specifically, I could use shapes that carve V-gouges, U-gouges, or will "Scoop" out wood from bowl-shapes or deeper areas.

6) Skulls.
I'm not jokin'! As an Artist, I take skulls made from ALL Materials (Yes, even REAL ones of bone!) and I turn them into works of Art! I can take those cheap plastic, foam, or paper-mache skulls you are done with after halloween, and I can paint and re-carve them, and decorate them to resemble amazing Day-of-the-Dead style Art, or create amazing works of Art in the Celtic, Tribal, or Modern art styles... I can take Resin or REAL Bone skulls, (animal or human) and take a dremel tool to them, giving them spirals and lacework, painted details, even beadwork or stone inlay. It is a passion, to make LIFE out of a symbol of Death. Even the cheapest plastic skull can be transformed. Send 'em my way and watch the happydancing!! (And yes, I am always willing to send you a picture of the results when it is done!)

7) Thumb Drives.
I have gone back to college to finish my Degree, and I am currently focusing on the very marketable skill of Digital Photography- Thumb Drives are a SUPER-handy way for me to transport my school-work photographs all over campus to the various workng photo labs, while I process them from the (borrowed) school cameras to the photoshop computers at lab or the printers at the graphics lab...When I am done, I won't just be an Artist, I'll be a Photographer too. (Insane and Crazy Thumb Drives gleefully accepted, but even the 'plain' ones are super useful!)

8) Old PS2 games.
I have an old Playstation 2, which I can finally get to, and use- and you know, I don't really have many games for it! I bought a couple a long time ago, but Now, I wouldn't even know what ones are good to try! If you have upgraded to a spiffy new system and have any old games for the older PS2 machine laying around, I would be happy to try them!

9) The one BIG 'impossible' Wish: A Spinning Wheel.
My otherhalf takes sheep or goat wool, and spins it BY HAND (with a little drop spindle thingy) into this SUPER-fine yarn that he then dyes or uses natural, to knit stuff for other people. I kid you not. He makes the most amazing shawls and scarves and hats for friends- gorgeous things that make the ladies squeal and dance- and he never asks anything for it, he just does it because it makes him HAPPY. ...he wants a spinning wheel SO bad. I want to give him one, so MUCH...
He's very clever, if you had one that was broken, he could FIX it- he's amazing... he taught himself to spin and knit, and he could teach himself to work a wheel.
If you have a spare spinning wheel? Even a broken one... seriously- He's very clever, if you had one that was broken, he could FIX it- he's amazing... he taught himself to spin and knit, and he could teach himself to work a wheel- I would make sure the first thing he knits from the wool he spins on it would come back to you as a thank you.
He makes the most amazing shawls, and amazing tiny stuffed toys, and fantastically silly hats... I would do just about anything to make sure he gets a spinning wheel. It would be amazing. We all have dreams!!

I will include the mailing address behind the cut, because surprises are awesome!

David Emery
8825 34th Ave NE
Tulalip, Wa, 98271

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9- i can't help you with the actual wheel, but if you know someone with a ravelry account there's several groups that are dedicated to regional wheel sales that may be able to help you!
Oh yes, he is very active there, and we have been watching like a hawk for one we can afford! I am going to POUNCE the second we find one! *crossing fingers*
If you're willing to wear military style boots, I might have some winter Bellvilles that would work. They're brand new.
You got it. They'll go out this week.

Oh, you'll need to get laces for them. Somewhere along the line they went missing.

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7. How much capacity do you need? We have some old ones at work that we finally replaced because they were only 256 MB and not big enough for many video files and things like that. But if you can use a small one, let me know! You can email me at celeria at livejournal dot com.
That's a good question! I went to find out how large the files are, and a 256 MB would be just fine! I will be transferring them in groups of only a few that I am working on at a time anyway, so that would be great!
I have a PS2 game I could send you! I don't know if it's something you'd like, but I'd be happy to pass it on :)

Also, sending lots of good thoughts your way about the spinning wheel! I know a friend of mine used to have one and she loved it, so I really hope you're able to find one for him!
Awesome! :)

We are doing some research now, and I am secretly stashing my lunch money for it- there's a chance if I can stock enough fundage for it, I can get him one- I can't believe he has been /hand/ spinning with a spindle he MADE... it's blowing my mind. He's taken the fleece (cut hair) of a goat, and he's made balls of really really fine yarn from it- and has plans to make a shawl for a friend out of it. WOW. I am suitably in AWE.
I know you didn't ask for more LJ friends but you seem to be someone who would be fun to read and get to know. Mind if I add you?
Hi! Should be a couple of pairs of boot socks heading your way. Hopefully they'll be OK for you.

Happy Holidays!
While I don't have the things you are looking for (best of luck, by the way), I did want to make a suggestion for a website that may offer low cost tools and other things. American Science and Surplus - www.sciplus.com - I have seen both clay and wood working tools on there for a fraction of the usual costs.

Also, perhaps your other half would consider selling his knitted goods on www.etsy.com? There are a lot of folks all over the place who will appreciate beautiful work done with care.

Happy Holidays!
I did manage to find a PS2 game in our previously played bin at work. Sending it your way!
Oh my goodness, this was from LAST year! We DID finally get a spinning wheel for my otherhalf, and he spins like CRAZY on it!

The cool thing, is that it is made of PVC pipe, a Wheelchair wheel (new of course) and some spinning wheel parts you need for any spinning wheel- the person who designed it calls them "Babe Production" or something... it's awesome.