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Hi. This is my third year posting. Haven't had much luck with this, but I'll try it again.I will try to go through and see if i can grant a few wishes. Cards and such.

I'm a forty two year old work at home mom of an ADHD and other academic problems daughter.

My husband lost his job in October. We didn't have health insurance for a whole month(cash prices for prescreiptions topped $2000). THis has made life a living hell.

THis is what I want for christmas:

For me:

1. To regain my health. I've had a nasty bout with the H1N1 and need to get better because I can't work as long as I'm sick. I know there's not a lot any of you can do about it except say an extra prayer tonight for me to get well.

2. Rosaries and other symbols of faith to help us through this time.

For my daughter:
3. Anything from Hot Topic. She loves that place. She loves the little wrist bands they have there as well as anything else.

For my husband:

4. A job. He's a very experienced jeweler with a skill set that includes stone setting, channel making, wax carving, lost wast casting, custom design work and a Lot more. He's been a jeweler for 12 years and was let go from his job with no notice, and a small amount of severance pay. We need a job with very good insurnace (especially for prescriptions) We're not sick we just need a couple of very expensive medicines. Any job that would use this skillset would be good.

I know these are all pretty long shots. But you never know. Please send any physical items to PO BOX 87, Carver, MA 02330. Thank you.
i think i would like to get your daughter something. nothing crazy because i am feeling the economy myself, but i am a social worker in a high school and work with a lot of ADHD girls, and feel their pain. my 15-year-old sister is also ADHD.

what size is she, by chance? i just got a shirt from there on clearance and it just doesn't fit me right.

happy holidays!
Hello :D I know of a few good websites, and while I am a student and thus broke, I'm getting some different rosaries sent to you via a few good places. Never lose faith, God Bless <3