Holiday Wishes

Hello everyone! My name is Keri and I'm a 21-year-old college student at the University of Missouri, majoring in Women's and Gender Studies. My birthday is in January, so this is a holidays/birthday wishlist for me! I really enjoy writing, photography, hanging out with my friends, and my cats. When I'm not at school, I'm a tour guide at a show cave. This is my fourth year doing Holiday Wishes, and I look forward to it all year long. If you have any questions about anything on my list, please let me know! E-mail me at kiwikero AT gmail DOT com for my mailing address. Have a safe and happy holiday season! For anything on my list, used is fine!

1. Anything
Tegan and Sara related - I have all of their CDs, but would love posters, shirts, bags, magazine covers, etc. If you haven't heard of them, I strongly enjoy checking them out! They're currently my favorite band.

2. Anything LGBTQ/gay pride/rainbow - I am out and proud, but severely lacking in any gay pride swag. I would love jewelry, stickers, wall art, anything like that.

3. Wall decorations - I just moved into my first apartment, and have absolutely nothing hanging on my walls! I would love some posters, artwork, a tapestry, anything you can hang up!

4. Anything from or inspired by my wist - In the case of any DVDs, used is fine, but please no bootlegs. =)

5. Candy or sweets from where you live - I live in Missouri, and have only been out of the country once. I would love some treats from Japan, Germany, anywhere! I don't like nuts or coconut, but other than that I'm pretty open. If you do happen to live in the US, you can still send me candy that I've probably had before. I promise I'll love it. If anyone were to send me a package of Sour Bloops, I might explode. They don't sell them in MO anymore.

6. Holiday cards/letters - I love getting mail. Feel free to send me holiday cards of any type, letters, postcards, birthday cards, etc.

7. Coins/currency - I'm somewhat of a numismatist, and love collecting coins and currency. I would really love anything from outside of the US, or anything from the US that is no longer in circulation.

8. Anything dalmatian - I collect dalmatians. I have for as long as I can remember!

9. T-shirts - I love t-shirts, band tees, threadless tees, etc. For size specifics please contact me. Again, used is fine!

10. Take a moment - Please take some time to think about everyone who is in your life and what they mean to you, and if you're comfortable doing so let them know how important they are. People can come and go in an instant, and once they're gone it's too late.

That's all from me! Again, please contact me with any questions.

would be glad to gift 2. Anything LGBTQ/gay pride/rainbow
there are other things on list we have in common too- please PM me with your mailing addy. that would be easier for me.
Can do 10 of course :)

Would love to send you a print of mine for your wall and some mail!

Email me with your address and a link to your post incase so I know what belongs to who
Coins and currency
If you email me your postal address and a reminder that I have offered you coins and currency I can send you some Australian coins, and probably some Yen (Japan) Vatu (vanutu) if I can find them!

EDIT to add my email address:

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I mainly had to comment because, hey! we go to the same school. :D

So I'd love to send you some mail, but I've also got some UK change still sitting in the coin cup of my car ever since I got back from London a month ago, lol. You can PM me with your address or we could just meet on campus one day before school is over for the semester. You seem fun.