My wishes for 2009!

Yay, holiday wishes is back.

I have just granted my first wish (Of hopefully many!) so decided I should post.
I'm Colette, 19 and from Nottingham UK. I'm currently studying Sociology and Psychology and love it. I live with my parents and older brother. I have a wonderful boyfriend Ben, but sadly he lives 180 miles away so we only see each other about once a month.
Onto my wishes;

1. A quick easy one, - my Amazon list. Used is more than ok. Not all items are for me - some are gifts I want to give to family/friends but can't afford.

2. Girl Guide or Girl Scout badges/patches. I am a Guide leader and love it. I have a slight obsession with badges, so if you have any old, new, found in a cupboard, random ones I would love them. Also if you are a collector yourself I have swaps I can send in return.

3. Snail mail, I am terrible at replying, but letters, cards, a postcard really does cheer me up!

4. More LJ friends, I'll add most people, but if it doesn't work out I don't mind if people un-add ect. Leave me a comment saying your Holiday Wishes and I'll add you back.

5. My health to keep on improving, I have M.E/CFS, have been ill for four and half years now. But things are on the up! I study 9 hours a week, am starting a part time job waitressing, have a social life and boyfriend. I just can't loose it all now.

6. Postcards, note paper, notelets ect - I like to send mail to people, randomer the better really. So if you have an odd couple of postcards or something lying about send them to me!

7. Clothes & Accessories! I love quirky cool things, funking up a t-shirt with a skirt and some heels. If your having a clear out send some stuff my way. I'm a UK 10/12 or American Small/Medium. - If I'm not keen on the item I will pass it onto a charity shop.

8. I was going to ask for a gift card for a train company, but they don't sell them. My boyfriend lives 180 miles/3 hour train journey away and it costs me about £40 a time to see him. This gets expensive. So some paypal to be able to visit him more would be great. - Paypal is

9. A donation to - The Association of Young People with ME. They have helped me so much over the years and need donations.

10. A mix tape. I got some awesome mix cds last year. Please include a track listing, then if I love a song I can go buy the album.

For my address please email

Thanks, Colette xxx
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2. I've got a Juniors (the third level of Girl Scouting in the US) Sign of the World that I would be happy to send you! I have no idea how we ended up with an extra since I'm pretty sure mine is on my sash.

I'll send you an email so that I can get your contact info.
You're already one of my friends or i'd add you to grant a holiday wish :-)
Ooh, this sounds fab.
I have tons of Brownie/Guide ones myself, so not so keen on those.
But a Pax Lodge silk and trip badges sound cool
Do you want swaps? I've got Nottinghamshire centenary badges and other random bits about.
Holiday Wishes!!
I'd love to trade patches with you.. I'm in Canada, so I've got Cdn & a few American patches & badges.. I've got no oatches or badges from the UK, so any trade would be cool.. Email me & we can talk! neonrose5 at
Re: Holiday Wishes!!
btw, I have CFS as well & know how much of a pain it is & how much in can affect ones life.. I'm glad you're doing a remission thing.. Good luck! :)
Re: Holiday Wishes!!
I'll mail you re badges once I've just caught up on comments!
Thanks also for the good thoughts for my health.
Same to you, hope you have a good holiday season health wise, I know how exhausting it can all be.
Well, we're already LJ friends, now, but send me a PM with your address and I'll send you a postcard. ;)
drop me a pm with your snail mail addy and ill drop a card in the mail for ya :) remind me that your looking for postcards

also, feel free to add. im an old girl scout. i dont have any extra badges, but im always looking for new friends :).
Hey lovely, let me have your snail mail address and I think I've got a couple of Laser challenge badges you might like. I'll see what else I can rustle you up too. My favourite aunty has CFS, I didn't realise you did too *big hugs* glad you're doing well though. xxx
I am a Girl Scout volunteer in the US and I can send you a couple of American GS patches! I have to go to our council office for a meeting next week, so I'll pick some up then.

Would you mind sending me your address? snoopdawg@ :)
I don't mean to nag, but could you let me know if you're still interested in my sending you patches (and send me your address)? I'm going to the council store tomorrow night and don't want to buy patches if I've got no one to send them to :)