Holiday wishes 09

Hey! First year of posting a list and by the time the postman comes, I’ll have fulfilled some wishes too.

I’m a seventeen year old student from the UK, very easily amused. Bit of a nerd, bit of a fangirl and one of those people who sings carols in July. Here goes with my list!

  1. Nail polish – I need to stop picking at my nails, I tend to do it when there’s a chip or a dent in the nail, so I’m hoping strengthening them with varnish will stop me. I’m not really a girly girl, so anything easy and wearable is good.
  2. Plasters – Somehow, I always end up with scrapes and scratches and I always run out of interesting plasters.
  3. Snail mail – Postcard, letter, banana. You can tell me your life story or just scribble a signature in a card, I don’t mind
  4. Souvenirs – Memorabilia from other countries/cities, almost everything you can think of I’ll love.
  5. Cupcakes –Recipes, accessories, anything to do with them or making them.
  6. Tea – I love the stuff, but our cupboard’s full of packets of the same brand of Jasmine tea. Loose leaf or bagged, what’s your favourite?
  7. Socks – I’m running out of fun ones and you can never have enough. I wear a UK women’s 5, but I’m not sure about conversions to other systems.
  8. Surprises – I might not be a girly girl, but send me cute, send me glitter, send me a pebble you found in your backyard.
  9. Recycle – All that packaging, all that rubbish. Re-use and recycle it!
  10. Paper – Origami paper, notepaper, whatever. Something pretty to offset my handwriting.
E-mail me at for my postal address. Happy holidays and best wishes! =D
I can send a card.

Please PM me with your address and put Holiday Wishes: Card in the subject. Thank you! :)
I can send a card (or a banana)! I do lots of #9 :)

Is a plaster a bandaid? If so, I have a bunch of different designs I can send!
Don't apologize! I love British slang, I just wanted to make sure that I knew it what it meant :)
I'd love to send you some mail! Sending an email soon.

Also, your US size would be a 7 in socks. :)
I can send you an array of bits via mail of the snail, shall email you for your address....
I'd like to send you a letter if you email me your address to
I would very much like to send you something, although I'm not quite sure what yet. Email me? :)
drop me a pm with your snail mail addy and ill drop a card in the mail for ya :)