A wishlist from Reading, Pennsylvania (not Mass or England)

Hi, all! My name is Elizabeth, and I'm 26. I live outside Reading, Pennsylvania, with my parents, my brother, and my two dogs, a Lab and a poodle. I work in a library and am almost done with my Master's degree in library science (I have one more class/semester to go, and I cannot wait to be finished -- and to be finished paying for it). This is my third year doing holiday_wishes, and I was so excited for the community to kick off this year.

My List:

  1. Any book, used or new, from my wishlist. For those not sure if they want to browse, it includes mostly children's books, both contemporary and vintage.

  2. Bicentennial quarters (for me) or wheat pennies (for my dad). We collect them just because, not for reasons of value or anything.

  3. A car decal/magnet/sticker from either of my high schools: Wyomissing Area in Pennsylvania or St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont. I like both my high schools a lot, and am always very grateful for the education I got there. Unfortunately, you can no longer waltz into my public school and hit up the school store, and the Academy's been promising for years to make stuff available for purchase online, but it hasn't happened yet.

  4. Suave Daily Moisture Conditioner. I love it, but it was discontinued a few months ago. I know, this is one of those weirdly specific requests, but I thought maybe I'd find someone who stocked up or had part of a bottle left.

  5. A string/mesh/otherwise squishy shopping bag. We've switched to using cloth bags for groceries, but they're too big to carry around all the time. It would be nice to have something just in case I want to buy one or two things that are too big for my purse.

  6. Dangly pierced earrings. I recently got a short (for me) haircut and hope to wear earrings more often. I prefer simple designs/colors/stones to big funky ones -- for example, I have pair similar to this that I love.

  7. For someone to identify this lost children's historical fiction book that I read in 1992-1993. whatwasthatone and whatwasthatbook (and some sheer dumb luck on my part) have been great for identifying most of my lost books, but I've been unsuccessful with this one.

  8. Good thoughts for my job search. I finish my degree in May, and even though I know I'll have a job here for as long as I need one, I am definitely ready to move to a larger city and try something else. On a related note, advice on why/where/how I should or should not look for a job and an apartment in Boston would be great!

  9. If you plan to make a donation to a charity or organization, please consider donating to a local group. I like that big, national groups can reach wider audiences, but there's something to be said for supporting the people (or animals) who live where you do. (I know this may be hard if you want to support a specific type of group and there isn't one locally.)

  10. Sometime when you're out to dinner this season, leave a big(ish) tip. You don't have to be one of those newsmakers who leaves a thousand dollars or anything, but something slightly more than what you normally leave, or more than people are used to getting, can be a pleasant and relatively anonymous surprise. I always like the feeling of being able to surprise someone without their feeling like they need to thank me or reciprocate.
If you can help, or just want to chat about things (like Boston), you can reach me via comment, PM, or email to celeria [at] gmail [dot] com.

Happy holidays!
I've said a prayer for your job search, gods know all the luck is needed this day and age.

And for #10, I work for tips, so I always tip well. In the holiday season I routinely tip 30%, tomorrow, when I go out to lunch, I will tip 50% for your wish.
Thank you! I've never really had a job involving tips, but my brother has been a waiter, and people are pretty indifferent sometimes.

And thank you for the prayers as well. I'm hoping things will be better by the time I graduate, but it's not too far off, so I don't think they'll be THAT much better.
I'm going to check if the conditioner got discontinued here because for some reason I remember seeing it!
That would be awesome if you would check, thank you! I'm not sure how long ago it was discontinued, but some stores probably were selling off the last of the inventory and then just couldn't order more.
Hey there,
Can you drop me your address at smallwaldo at Gmail dot com? (And remind me of your username when you do, so that I can remember what I planned to send). :)

Hello Elizabeth! I can't chat about Boston with you, but I can chat about Reading... I live here too! :)
Hello! I don't think I've ever met any other local people on LJ (except for my homefriends, obviously, whom I knew before we were on LJ). Where in the area are you?
According to my boyfriend, we are in north reading. :p I don't know the area very well... just moved here. I go to psu berks.
Ah, I was going to ask, are you here for school or do you "really" live here (which I know sounds weird, and I kept being unable to come up with a better way to put it). I work at Albright, which is in the northeast part of the city, and I definitely known where PSUB is (although most of the time when I get over that way, it's to go to Target/Barnes & Noble).
Yeah, it is a good way. Of course, the worst is when they chase you down to ask if you really meant to leave it. It always kind of spoils the surprise effect (for me)!
Glad to know that your stuff arrived safely! You have your PM's turned off, so if you leave me your email, I'll send it to you.