shiny [Christmas squee/randomness]'s coming too fast!!!

hi all :) Ruby here, from lovely sunny but currently cold California. i think i've been here for a couple years now? i can't remember. i hope to grant someone's wish this year and hope it might be returned :) i'm registered on stuff under the addy celticmoon47 AT yahoo DOT com (this includes Amazon and Stormsong).

the easy stuff:

1. here's my Amazon wishlist! [please note: i am not averse to receiving used items in good condition! used but like new/very good condition copies of out of print items would be fabulous!!]

2. if you sell or know of any REPUTABLE sellers of Hard Rock Cafe pins, PLEASE let me know. my dad collects them and i'd like to try to score him a new rarity or two for his birthday in March.

3. paid LJ time--any amount would be fabulous. staying ahead on this would be a good thing. too attached to all my extra icons. ;)

4. please consider donating a little of your time to helping a local shelter (and if there is more than one, i ask that you support the no-kill shelter) and give lonely animals some love.

the slightly hard stuff:

5. gift certificate to's fabulous store. please use email addy above, R'Chel has my account filed under that address.

6. a gift certificate to i'm in a Gorjuss mood this year for some reason.

7. i would like to have new doll heads for my graphic workings. if you are interested in doing this wish, please email me at the addy at top with "wishing for heads" in the subject line and i can give you the websites of the head makers and details.

the impossible:

8. a fully expense paid trip back to Europe (including Greece!) with zeugma. Minimum time of trip - one month.

9. To come up with the next great novel idea so i can fulfill my authorly dream.

10. PROPER justice to be served for a dear friend of mine who is very ill and trapped in a very bad situation. while what i WANT on this scope IS impossible and i cannot give details, please PM me through LJ if you would like to know where to send your prayers if you pray, your spells or energy if you do such things or even just good thoughts.

thank you & happy holidays to all.
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Sadly I can not afford to pay for your trip but I highly suggest for cheap (read: free) places to stay. And if you ever happen by Northern Germany, I will gladly let you have my guestroom.