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Hello everyone!! My name is Heather and this is my third..or fourth.. year with you :) I have filled a few requests already and hope to get some more but decided to fill out my list before I go further since a few people have asked me for my list as well :)

1.Craft supplies- I can not express enough just how badly I love crfting and doing all sorts of projects. My MAIN passion is yarn based so any yarn, knitting needles/crochet hooks, anything like that. But I am really taking an interest in counted cross stitching and a ton of other things. spare cross stitching cloth, thread, needles.. any buttons, glitter, sequins, felt, scrapbooking things (used is fine, esp on items like punches and tools). Really. ANYTHING. It would be much loved :)

2.GLITTER! -Glitter is wonderful in any form at all. Make up, body glitter, body spray with glitter, loose random crafting glitter.. ANY glitter is wonderful. The finer the better, but I'll take any type, any kind!

3.Detroit Tiger/baseball stuff -My grampa and I used to watch the Tigers when I was a kid. I have never lost that passion. I love baseball, I love the Tigers. I'll take anything from old memorabillia, to game day mementos fromt he park, to cut out stories featuring the Tigers.. I'm also making a Tigers scrapbook so any baseball related scrapbooking materials (to tie in with number 1) is greatly appreciated.

4.Good Smellies -who doesnt love the pretty smellies? I do!! Candles, Incense, potpourri.. feel free to send any of that, send some air freshener or febreeze that you find particularly lovely, if you want! I just love to be surrounded by good smells :) My favourite scents are jasmine, vanilla, clean linen, rose, lillac, sandlewood, pumpkin spice, patchoulli.. really, though I'm not choosey I like any scents!

5.FanFics -I would love both someone to write some fics for me, and someone to read my fics. I tend to write myself into them though, and I know some people do that and some people frown on it. I am not a frowner lol If you wouldnt mind writing me into a fic or reading when I write over one or two of my obsessions, you're just the person I have been looking for! My current obsessions are WWE, Law and Order, Oz and Star Trek but there's many more than that lol

6.Halloween- Anything at all to do with Halloween. Be it books, figurines, decorations, knick knacks... anything at all to do with my most favourite holiday ever is welcome with me!

7.Law and Order DVDs -my favourite is SVU but any of the law and orders from old school to present is a dream come true. I do not currently own any of them on dvd. Burned copies or used is fine by me!

8.WWE -I am wrestling obsessed. Anything to do with the WWE is welcomed. Clippings, videos/dvds, links to good articles online, pics, icons, even LJ friends who are as obsessed as I am would be lovely. My favourites are Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, HHH, CM Punk, Shawn Michaels.. I like a lot more! And I like a lot of 'old school' too :)

9.Snail Mail -I love opening the mailbox and finding something that ISN'T bills or junk mail, don't you? Cards would be nice, or any random thing you feel like sending me. Suprises are the best! Send a letter, a poem, your favourite recipe, a newspaper article you found interesting... anything! I'd love to have a penpal or two even. I used to have a lot of penpals and we all just sorta stopped writing. But I have all this cute stationary I would like to be using! :)

10.Bigger request -My last wish is my big one .. I know I probably wont get it but I have to ask- Photoshop. I had it on my old computer thanks to friend, but that computer died and now I have no photoshop :( I miss it greatly. It doesnt have to be new or even the original copy as long as I can download and use it, I'm happy. I just miss making icons, banners and all that fun stuff!

If you would like my address, feel free to e mail me at Mileena 6 9 (at)hotmail (dot) com or leave a post here with your address and I will be sure to e mail it to you :) Happy Holidays everyone!!
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Your icon made me smile. :-)

email me at geminigirl6879 @ gmail . com (take out the spaces) and I can help you with one of your wishes!!
Ohh Im glad you like it :D Bon Jovi is love <3
And thank you! The e mail is on the way :D
I don't have a copy of Photoshop for you, but I can recommend an alternative. My boyfriend downloaded a program that works almost the same.

It's called Gimp.

Hope this may be of some use to you.
Happy Holidays!

PS7 would be absolutely wonderful! Thats what I used to have so I would be most comfortable with it, but anything is fine :)
I can't seem to work out how best to send it. It's 160 MB and yousendit.com only allows 100 MB. I'll keep looking though - worst case, I'll burn it to a CD and mail it.
Hey, thanks! I apparently have used that site at some point before, because I have an account there. o.o

To the OP: It's uploading now and it estimated to take ~1 hour. I'll email you the link when it's done. :D
Ugh, I tried it three times and it kept giving me an error right when it finished uploading. x.x I guess it'll be a CD through the mail after all. :/
Thats plenty fine by me :) Would you like to give me your e mail and I will send my addy? Thank you for trying to upload it :)
Sure. :) Put "photoshop" in the subject. cherieish (at) gmail (dot) com.
How 'bout I combine 1 and 6. I have tons of duplicate Halloween stickers, paper, collage items, treat bags, etc. Wonderful for scrapbooking and the holiday. :)

Send your address in an email to:
rainoubliette at gmail dot com.
I can send a card.

Please PM me with your address and put Holiday Wishes: Card in the subject. Thank you!
I'm not a Tigers fan but I am a huge baseball fan. Mind if I add you as a friend?
I'd love to be your penpal if you send me your address to apeystar@gmail.com :D
drop me a pm with your addy and ill get you a card :)

also include your email if your interested in a harry potter related fan fiction!