Nursing Home Christmas

This is the third year I've done this...and it's not for me - it's for the residents of my Grandmother's nursing home. These adorable old people are often forgotten during the holiday season, and let me just tell you - you would not believe the happiness a small gift or card brings to these sweet old faces. In fact, there are some residents there who STILL have xmas cards hanging on their wall from you guys from last year!

I've talked to the administrators from the home, asking them what would be best appreciated and the list they gave me includes:

1. Kleenex. The home does not provide this. The family of the patient has to provide Kleenex. If it is not provided, the dear old souls resort to stuffing gobs of toilet paper up their shirt sleeves and smuggling it back to their rooms to use to blow their noses.

2. Sugar free candy - as most of them are diabetic

3. Sugar free hot chocolate packets

4. Tea

5. Toothbrushes and toothpaste. Again, the home does not provide this.

6. Combs and/or brushes

And from my experience with things that my grandmother and her room mate like:

7. Cards. A dollar bill tucked inside will make them feel like they've won the lottery. Seriously.

8. Small stuffed animals or coloring books (some of these people have reverted to childhood loves)

9. Socks

10. Any little trinket, really. Many of these people NEVER get out. They don't have family to bring them things. Any new thing, no matter how small or insignificant, is a treasure.

Anyhow, there are 19 people in the home: 5 men 14 women.

Their names are: Betsy C. (that's my Gram), Betsy M., Helen S., Little Helen, Betty, Carol, Margaret, Zienna, Shirley, Emily, Millie, Roasanne, Margie, Charlie, Bill, Nick, Don and Ronny.

The address is:

Slippery Rock Personal Care Home
270 Ralston Road
Slippery Rock, PA 16057

**UPDATE** There are 20 people in the home - I've left out two names: Dennis & June.

Also, there is no Don, but there IS a John.

Thanks bfftbabe!!!

On behalf of the seniors, I thank you. Happy Holidays!
I worked in an Assisted Living and my mom runs 3 of them. It is nice that you are doing this.

BTW, you listed 18 names, not 19 (unless i just cannot count)
Forgot that darn tag! Thanks for reminding me!

And thanks so much for whatever you can send!
Hey. Do you happen to know if any of them are going to maybe be lonlier than some of the others this season? I can't afford to send all 19 something (though if I could I would) so I was wondering if there might be say up to 5 who might especially benefit from some extra attention.
Helen S., Little Helen, Shirley, Margaret and Charlie.

Little Helen, especially. She's been in the home since she was young, institutionalized because she is mentally disabled (she has the mentality of about a 6 year old child) and because she's a "little person."

Here she is, with some of the goodies she got from Holiday_wishes last year.

Helen and her toys

She's a sweet little thing. Anytime I visit my Grandmother, I make it a point to bring her some little thing myself. As soon as she sees me, she come running to my grandmother's room, plops herself down on a stool and just smiles and smiles. She likes to bring out her coloring book and show me her latest "artwork."

And thank you so much for thinking of these people!!
I know Margaret can write, and would probably love to hear from someone outside. I do believe Carol can write, too.

I don't know a whole lot about the others.

Thanks for thinking of them, not just at xmas, but year round!

I definitely can do this one :) & you are amazing for doing this for them!
I remember doing this last year. I can definately send something along this year too.
I know Margaret and Carol can still write. And Little Helen - who I've pictured above - can't write, but I'm sure she'd be thrilled to death to get random cards and correspondence throughout the year!

Thank you!!!
It's wonderful that you're doing this again. I sent cards last year, and I'm glad to send them again this year. :-)
Your's may be one of the cards that are still hanging on some of their walls!

Thank you so much!
My kindy class include several who have grandparents living with them and they were so sad when they heard there were 'grandparents' out there who needed cheering up - they want to make cards for them. International mail from South Korea will be on its way!
I will try to send something. When you say cards, do you mean holiday or playing cards?
Holiday Cards. It's unbelievable how much something as simple as a card with a pretty picture is cherished in this place. Like I said my post, some of them cherish them so much that they still have them hanging in their rooms from last year!

And thank you so much!
I would love to send them each a card and I'll see if I can't include a little something else for them, as well.
Thank you so much! I try to get pictures to post afterwards, with them and some of there keep a look out!
this makes me so happy! my great grandmother is 91 and still lives on her own at home, i love doing anything for her that she needs done (laundry, shopping, etc) and visit her often because i know she loves the company and doesn't get out very much. i also work in a drug store a little bit down the street from an elderly home, so i know many of the residents who are regulars in the store that try to come whenever they can. i just love them, sometimes they don't even come in to shop but just for a visit and to say hi. i really appreciate this entry :)

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Aw, thank you. I wish your great gram a very merry holiday! How wonderful that she is still so independent! Give her a nice big hug when you next see her!!
I think I may do this. I've volunteered in two retirement residences when I was in highschool and it really was rewarding.

(And the bonus is, I'll get off my butt and also write my grandmothers. I am not a good grandaughter :S)
You know, even if this entry JUST gets you to write your gram, it will be worth it!

Hope you have a great holiday!