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Hello there. This is my 2nd year participating I think. I participated last year, but under a different name. With everything going on, I didn't have access to a computer and ended up forgetting my password. I no longer had the e-mail address associated with the account, thus I had to create a new one. That will explain why you may not remember me.

My name is Kathy and I am a mother and grandmother. I have two grown daughters and a 15 year old son named William. My grandkids also mean the world to me. Their ages are 17 (Samantha), 12 (Megan) and 6 (Tyler). I am mainly asking for items for them to make their Christmas more memorable. My middle child (Kristen) is a member too and is the reason I joined Livejournal and the group.

Christmas will be rough this year. On February 13th, 2009 (Friday the 13th), we lost our house in a fire. My oldest granddaughter was living with me at the time, thus why I am asking for items for her. We are thankful to the kindess of friends, family and even strangers though. We currently have a 2 bedroom RV that we call home since our house was not insured. We had very little before and now we have even less. But for what we do have, we are thankful and we are happy no one was seriously hurt in the fire. My husband was recently laid off from work and this Christmas will be tight. I want to give the kids a great Christmas this year because it will be the first one without their house and I know it will be depressing as it is. But we can barely pay our bills with my husband out of work and currently too sick to find another job, but hasn't been unemployed long enough to get on disability. I am also disabled and unable to work any more.

So what I ask this holiday season is for my son and grandkids to have a great Christmas and hopefully not be too sad about the loss of their house.

1) I created a Wal-Mart wishlist for things I think the kids would like.

2) Giftcards to pretty much anywhere would be nice. Wal-Mart giftcards would be especially useful since that is the easiest store for us to get there.

3) Anything Slipknot related for my son, William. He is a great kid who is active in free running and because of his athletic interests, is sincerely against drugs and alcohol. He listens to heavy metal music and his favorite band is Slipknot. He also likes Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch and others. Any shirts or hoodies of the bands would be appreciated since he lost his beloved Slipknot hoodie in the fire. Gently used is fine. He likes to wear his clothes big, so Large or Extra-Large is what he wears.

4) Hand me down clothes for mainly Samantha and Megan. Samantha is a size 12/14 and Megan is a size 8 in womans. They both wear medium/large tops.

5) Jewelry. Both girls love jewelry and it doesn't have to be expensive or new. Home made pieces would be especially nice.

6) Bath and beauty products. Both girls and their mother (my oldest daughter) love these types of things. Don't have to be expensive name brands. They like perfumes, bath washes, body sprays, nail polish, etc. You name it. Even Wal-Mart brand things are fine. We don't have expensive tastes.

7) Household items. Blankets, bedding, cookware, etc. Anything used would be fine. We pretty much lost everything and we are constantly reminded of what we lost when we got to reach for a little thing and realize yet another item was destroyed.

8) This is a lofty one, but a computer. An older, used version is fine. Desktop or laptop. My grandkids really want one. No monitor is needed, we still have one we bought at Goodwill awhile back.

9) Toys for Tyler. He likes Thomas the Tank Engine (and just loves trains in general), Spiderman, Disney's Cars, and Power Rangers. He also likes to play racing video games.

10) Another lofty one, but worth a shot. A donation to a house fund would be nice. My paypal account is justebay12@yahoo.com. Any dollar or two would help us get things together and hopefully save up enough for a house or at least a mobile home with more room.

For my contact info, e-mail me at msqueenbee3@yahoo.com. Thanks and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!
If you send me your address and a link to your wishlist and I can send you two homemade bracelets for the girls.

My email is saku-rose (AT) hotmail (DOT) com.

I'll also see what else I can do- I don't wanna promise anything just in case I can't do it.
I'm just a bit bigger than Megan, so I can give her some clothes. Email your address to lindsay.cz@gmail.com .

Happy holidays!
Holiday Wishes!!
I noticed that there was one wish you have that would be awesome to do, *but* I might only be able do it for you if you are local.. Can you tell me where you are?? City & state/province/territory only needed.. Just a quick reply here if you could.
Do the girls (either of them) like turtle neck type of tops. I have 1 turtle neck short sleeved shirt (it says 1X but it's more like a large) that I would be willing to give (it's only been worn once).

But I just wanted to be sure that they like that type (since I can NOT stand them at all).