The most wonderful time of the year

Hey, all! I'm Daphne, and I'm 19. I'm from Greece, I'm a bit of a geek, a bit of a fangirl, a bit insane. I'm studying physics (and loving it more than I can tell). It's my second year here, and I'm already so excited to start granting wishes!

Here's my list:

1) Tea/Coffee
I am seriously addicted to both tea and coffee, but I can never find interesting new flavors here. I like anything but mint tea, I hate instant coffee, and hot chocolate = endless love.

2) Paper
Any kind. Old dictionary pages, book pages, sheet music pages, scrapbooking paper, newspaper, stamps, interesting magazine pictures. Anything paper!

3) Mix CDs
I’m always looking for new music, and I love mix CDs. I listen to pretty much any kind of music, from Disney to hard rock and everything inbetween, so everything is game.

4) BBC’s Merlin complete Series 1 box set
Well, I am allowed one ridiculous wish, ain’t I? So pretty. So awesome.

5) Books
It’s been ages since I’ve actually bought a real book, and I’d love some. I love fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries, romance, but I will try pretty much everything.

6) Boho/hippie earrings
I love earrings. I adore dangly ones, chandelier ones, or very quirky ones (like, I don’t know, these). I'm obviously not talking about expensive jewellery here.

7) Knee socks/tights
I’ve become obsessed to wearing colorful and interesting socks or tights. Stripes or other fun patterns as well as monochromatic ones in interesting colors are great!

8) Unusual nail polish
I looove nail polish in colors like blue, green, purple, black, bronze, but all I can find most of the time is red and pink. I have absolutely nothing against cheap local-cosmetics-shop nail polish.

9) A surprise grab bag
Send whatever you like! If you're not sure what I'd like, here is my Wists to get inspired, but I'm extremely easy to please, so anything you might want to send will be lovely!

10) Christmas ornaments
It’s my first year living alone so it’s also my first year decorating my own tree, which means that despite my excitement about it I have next to no ornaments! Anything’s appreciated! I especially adore old-fashioned ornaments, or wooden, papier macher or fabric ones.

You can reach me at bitingbutton[at]gmail[dot]com for contact or any other kind of info!
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Have you been able to try Starbucks' new VIA instant coffee? I don't really like instant coffee either, but I actually really liked this! I'd be more than willing to send a couple packets, along with some tea and a mix CD, if you'd like.

Please send your name/address (along with a link to this post, please) to :]
Ooh, that looks really interesting! It all sounds very lovely, thank you so much! I emailed you my address!
The link in your Surprise/grab bag is not working. I wanted to let you know, since I LOVE sending grab bag thingies.
If you could email me at with a mailing address and a link back to this list that would be fantastic. :)
I might be able to send some tea, and possibly also some paper. I don't know if I will please you with my paper, but you were the one that said anything paper! So I'm sure there will be something that you like.

Could you please reply to this? Then I'm still able to find you back ;)
nail polish
I can definitely send you some fun nail polish colors...message me your address and the words nail polish, so I dont forget:)

Email me your address to madidudson at hotmail dot com and I'll sort something out for you.