My Fist list.

I feel like I'm doing my letter to santa again! :D
Anyway hello, my name is Wolfie and this is my first time doing this (so I hope I get it right) I can't wait to help fulfill other peoples wishes and hope I can get some of mind done! So anyway here is my list.

1. CARDS! I love them, it makes a change from just getting bills in the post Email or PM me for my address and I would love to send you one back.

2. Socks, I know they are always the cliché bad prezzie, but I LOVE them and I also only have one pair to my name right now (The tumble dryer ate them and my dog)

3. Icons specifically Joker from batman ones and ones with nail art on.

4. Wallpapers I can't ever seen to find ones that fit my screen well they are always pixeled I love pink ones.

5. Fimo or clay canes for art stuff or the little cupcake things people make.

6. Hugs Wether they are virtual or written in a card they are so nice to have *HUGS*

7. Email buddies, I never get pointless emails and would love to gat some and send them

8. ANYTHING batman or the joker from batman.

9. The little pop in things that you put in crocks shoes.

10. Nail stuff, stickers, polish, whatever I love them all especially nail tips.

Thanks you so much for reading, now I'm going to go an find some to fulfill.

Please send me your address with a link to your list.

Oh, and maybe tag your entry? I am specifically looking for European participants due to postage and others might too :)
#1 - Send me your address and I'll send you a card.

#4 - I'll send you some, but you should check and, too.

#5 - Yahoo Group CITY-o-Clay may be a help for this. is the ClayMistress' web site with tutes and loads of pictures.

Have a Happy Holiday Season.

bianca dot slate at gmail dot com