YAY!!!!! Holidays wishes!!!! :-)

WOW!!!! Holidays wishes already!!! I can’t believe that Christmas is coming already!!! The year fly sooo fast!!! Well, I guess is now the time to post my wishes and start granting some too :-) I hope it will be a best year than last year because I granted several wishes but I didn’t receive anything at all :-(

So here is my wishlist hehe :-) :

1. ANYTHING KAWAII!!! Especially from Sanrio, San-X, Kamio, Crux, Q-Lia & Rainbow Park. I prefer brand new items. I LOVE surprise packages :-)

2. Any items featuring those SANRIO characters : Hello Kitty, Little Twins Stars, My Melody, Sugarbunnies, Pippo, Landry, Pom Pom Purin, Cherinacherine, Sugarminuet and Chococat. I LOOOVE letter sets, stickers, pens and plushies!!!

3. Baby boy clothes gently used (especially from GAP, Children's Place, MEXX, Clement, Souris Mini, Disney, etc) – 3X and older (my son is 31 months old).

4. Coloring books for me and my son (I LOVE the Sanrio ones and my son LOVES Cars, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Nemo and mostly all Disney cartoons)

5. CRAYOLA furnitures for me and my son (ex. washable markers, triangular crayons, colored pencils, Fingerpaints, Washable paint, Triangular Paintbrushes, Color Wonder, etc.).

6. Toys for a 3 years old boy (or older). He is a HUGE fan of Flash McQueen and his friends, Ninja Turtles and Transformers!!!

7. Any bath products that smells like candies, fruits or baked goods (ex. shower gel, lip balm or gloss, body butter or lotion, etc.).

8. An ITUNES giftcard, any amount. I love downloading songs.

9. Any perfume samples, testers or used bottles. I LOOOVE to try new perfumes!!!!

10. Any American series DVD box set (used, new or burnt - I don't care). Subtitles (or language) in FRENCH please! Region 1 (US and CA).

My email is sarah_ann235 on yahoo dot ca. Just email me and I will give you my mail address :-)

Thank you very much for all those generous people who will grant my wishes... :-)
Awww cool!!! Louka will be happy to get new coloring books with crayons :-) Just send me a message at sarah_ann235@yahoo.ca and I will give you my address :-) Thanks!!!
I can help out in the bath products department. :D You're not allergic to anything are you? I'm a Bath and Body Works junkie, myself. :p

Oh really??? That would be AWSOME!!!! No I am not allergic to anything... Just send me an email at sarah_ann235@yahoo.ca and I will give you my mail address :-) Thank you veru much!!!!