Just plodding along...

Like everyone else, the global recession has been rough on me. I graduated with my Master's just in time to become unemployable. What fun. So I've been working at my crappy part-time job in the vain hope that something more permanent will open up. *sigh* Normally, my holiday wishes are small things, but this year I really feel the need for some pampering. Having mail other than bills will be an exciting change!

#1. Gift cards would be awesome. I don't really care what stores they're for, as I'm up for a little holiday surprise. So bring it on - restaurants, websites, clothing stores, grocery stores, whatever. Just please make sure that the store either has a location in Michigan, or that I can buy from their website.

#2. Crunchies. After my brief sojourn in New Zealand, I am totally addicted to Crunchie bars by Cadbury. The only local store which sells them is World Market...and they're hella expensive.

#3. Bottle Caps candy. Freakin' Wonka candy company has almost completely stopped making this amazing candy. I could find it anywhere this past year and ended up ordering a big box from eBay.

#4. Expansion packs for Apples to Apples. I bought A-to-A back when it first came out about a billion years ago. My cards are fairly "dated" and I'd love to get the two expansion packs.

#5. A "newer" digital camera. My current one is from 2001 and is only 2 megapixels. Nowadays, most cell phones have better resolution! *sigh*

#6. Subscription to People magazine. One way to make me feel better about my life is to know that some celebrity out there is doing much, much worse. ^_^;

#7. A stuffed heart. Seriously. I want this! Thanks, [info]pocketseizure ! *big hug*

#8. Squid Plushie! Fantastically Filler makes such adorable squids. I want a yellow one. :)

#9. Mint tea. Send me a box of your favorite brand of mint tea! Thanks, [info]colonoscarpeay

#10. Miles transfered to my Delta/NWA account. I could really use some, so if you're a frequent flyer and have some to donate... To request my address, please e-mail animerei3[at]gmail.com


OMG Oregon Trail! I haven't played that game in forever! LOL

I would love to send you a box of mint tea! I'm emailing you now. *hugs*
I love Oregon Trail, too. For years I searched for an icon. I could never find one, so I made this one about a year ago. :)
You are very welcome, hun! I do hope you enjoy them.

I was upset when I went back to get the Celestial Seasonings brand and it was sold out. *rolls eyes* LOL SC is my all time fave brand, but Bigelow is awesome, too. *hugs*
I can supply Crunchies (they are the same in NZ as we have in Australia). I'll email now.