Holiday Wish List 2009

1. Anything from my Amazon Wishlist

2. Shot glasses

3. Hand-made scarf, hat & mittens (preferably black & yellow but anything would do) :)

4. Colored pens

5. Gift certificate to The Iowa Hawk Shop / Gift cards: iTunes,

6. MP3s: Michael Buble's new CD, Kings of Leon's CD, Kris Allen's CD

7. Board games: The Redneck Life, Apples to Apples, Bananagrams Jumbo, Imaginiff

8. Help making a new LJ layout

9. University of Iowa snuggie - seriously! I neeeeeeed one! :)

10. Books (James Patterson, Jodi Picoult, Michael Palmer)

We don't do too much in my family anymore, but since this is one of my favorite holidays, I love being able to get involved in this every year!

If anyone would like address information, you can contact me at

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!!
We have a lot of the same favorite authors...mind if I add you as a friend?
According to amazon, Anthony Rapp's book should be there before the 24th. :)

Enjoy it and have tissues on hand!
Awwww!! **hugs you from afar (because I am sick)**

You just made my day! Would you email me your contact info so I can send a little something back? Maybe link m,e to YOUR wishlist??

You rock!!
So am I! And I needed to stay home since I never should have been there yesterday!

RENT is looooooooooove! :)