Toasty Christmas Wishes from Phoenix

My name is Emma and I'm a 29 year old lady in Phoenix, Arizona. This is my third year doing holiday wishes, and I'm very excited to bring some holiday cheer into your lives.

1. gift cards I don't make very much money, and my husband is a graduate student, so we don't have very much money at all. Gift cards to target, home depot, or visa cards would really help us out.

2. anti-bacterial soap from bath & body works. Washing your hands has become more important than ever this year, and these lovely smelling hand soaps help encourage me to wash often!

3. A haircut. I've been embarassed to go to a salon for so many years due to a scalp condition that I have. having help with this would encourage me to face my fears, go, and break away from the ponytail style that's dominated my life for too many years!

4. stamps I like to send and receive postcards as a hobby using Unfortunately, I have to significantly limit how many postcards I send because postage is so expensive! Any stamps would be a big help for me.

5. Adobe CS4 My career is not what I had anticipated it would be in college. In an attempt to follow my heart and do something I have always enjoyed, a copy of CS4 would be an amazing help!

6. laptop charger for my HP Pavillion dv6000. So I can actually use the machine without having to sit in awkward locations so the power plug can be plugged in. If I'm lucky enough to even find an outlet!

7. I need to develop a design portfolio pretty quickly, and having something available live and online would help significantly. If you're in need of a banner, logo, flyer, or anything that requires some sort of design, let me design something for you?!

8. let your family know you love them because it's often implied, but rarely said.

9. I collect postcards from all over the world. I would really like to build my collection with a postcard from where you live, with a map, city scape or scene.

10. I have kitties! And they instantly destroy their toys. Any cat toys would be greatly appreciated to replenish their thirst for toy terrorization!

email me at emeixeira at gmail dot com for my mailing information and thank you for reading!
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Hi! I'd love to send some stuff your way. I don't have TOO much $$$ to spend, but I want to try and help as many people as possible! :)

One of the things on my list was a new LJ layout. Maybe you would want to help? Maybe not. Who knows.

Hit me up later if you would like to chat some more about our lists. Contact info is on profile.

Have a great night!

I can send you something. Could you send me your address to my email so I don't forget. :-) If you could put holiday wishes in the subject that'd be great so it doesn't get lost somewhere... :-)
8. let your family know you love them because it's often implied, but rarely said.

That's one wish I can grant. My elderly mother won't be with us very much longer, and this is a lesson I've learned. I used to never tell her that I love her - now I make sure I tell her at least once every day. Thank you for helping others remember just how important this is!
Holiday Wishes!!
Where do you live?? I might be able to help a bit with stamps.. :)
Re: Holiday Wishes!!
bummer, I'm in Toronto Canada.. I don't think that's doable.. I'm sorry..
If you would like to do a banner and or Logo for my dogs education website/blog that would be really cool. Its not something I *NEED* but if it would interest you I would defiantly use it!! The site is