Winter Wish List

Hey all! My name’s Acacia and this is my second year doing Holiday Wishes. I’m a junior in high school from the Boston area, with this being my second year here.

1) Mixed CDs: I love music and am always on the look out for new artists to obsess over. I mainly listen to alternative music but also enjoy rock and pop on occasion. My favorite bands/artists include: Blink 182, MIKA, Adam Green, MGMT, Keane, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Greenday. But honestly, any kind of music would be great!!

2) Art supplies: Art is my life and I plan on going to art school once I graduate from high school. Whether it be a full brush set or a small set of watercolors, anything is great! From crayons to acrylic paints, how-to books to cool looking sketch books, I’m looking for it all.

3) Gift Cards: A key staple for anyone buying for people they don’t know, gift cards are always a wonderful gift! Mainly, I’d enjoy cards to Michael’s Craft Stores, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble, but honestly, anything would be nice! And any amount is welcomed!

4) Holiday Cards/Postcards: I love getting things in the mail, and with being a junior, I’ll probably be getting a lot of things from colleges soon XD. But I would love any holiday cards or just postcards from your town/state/country.

5) Rainbow Things: I love color and rainbows are my life. Anything rainbow related would be an amazing gift. Even if it’s just a rainbow eraser, I’d love it!

6) Surprise Me!: This seems to be a trend this year so I’ll hope on the train! I love all surprises (as long as they’re good ones!).

7) More Icon Space I have an entire folder on my computer of icons I like/want to use and find myself constantly having to switch out icons.

8) A Job/Money Not to get into a whole big sob story, but my home life isn’t the greatest and I’m currently in search of a job. Any job would do. I plan on getting my license soon and want to save up for a car so I can become more independent (and be able to escape when I feel like I have to). As I mentioned previously, I love art and would be willing to take commissions (examples of what I do are located here:

9) Grant Someone’s Wish: Even if it’s just sending a postcard, it’s always nice to have a wish granted so do something nice and make someone’ wish come true this holiday season!

10) Donate Your Time: I’m an officer for my school’s Interact Club (connected to the Rotary Club) and we are all about helping others. I’m really into community service and for the past two years, I’ve been going to a local Salvation Army to help with their Day-Before-Thanksgiving luncheon. I’m going again tomorrow (or today, depending on when this gets posted). It’s a great joy to see the looks on the people’s faces when they know someone actually cares about them. So donate some of YOUR time this holiday season to help the less fortunate.

Happy holidays everyone!!

I can be reached at hamsonthestreet AT yahoo DOT com
If you could email me at with a mailing address and a link back to this list that would be fantastic. :)
I can send a card.

Please PM me with your address and Holiday Wishes: Cards in the sbject.
I'd like to send you something. can you please email your address to me at emeixeira at gmail dot com with holiday wishes in the subject line?
I'm going to add you as a friend if that's all right – I know it wasn't one of your wishes, but it seems like we have a lot in common, not the least of which is that I'm a junior as well! Haha.

Also, I can send you a card and some music if you email me at hatless_and_bewildered at hotmail dot com. (:

how are you doing i'm new to this site i've posted lot's of interesting media about the city i live in mostly video i have taken about the homeless and addicted in vancouver canada this winter we are hosting the olympic's it's should be a party keep in touch love from canada
I'd be happy to grant a couple of these wishes! send me an email with your mailing address to :)