Holiday Greetings from Tennesse USA

Hello, everyone, my name is Amanda. This is my first year doing this, but I look forward to helping out where I can! I'm 32 years old and currently take care of my elderly, disabled mother while looking for a job. I'm so excited for Christmas to get here. I start getting excited around Halloween every year. I don't know why, I just do. 8)

1.) Letters / Postcards / Cards / Mail of any kind - I'm with everyone else on this. I'm tired of seeing bills only in my mail box. I collect postcards from different places and would love to make some new friends. With all the technology, mail just isn't personal anymore. Just a simple note to say hello would be awesome!

2.) A Grab Bag - Anything that your little heart desires to send me. I'm not hard to please on things of this sort. To see anything that I'm interested in, please feel free to visit my journal.

3.) Keychains - I have collected key chains since I was about 10 or 11 years old. The quirkier the better. Anything goes with this one! LOL

4.) Magnets - Same as keychains, I've collected magnets for a long time. Small ones, big ones, humor related to nature related; it really doesn't matter. I love magnets!

5.) Coloring Books and crayons for my Mom - She loves to color. Any subject will do, but she loves Lisa Frank, anything to do with dolls (barbie, bratz, etc), animals. Pretty much anything.

6.) Anything to do with skulls or skeletons - I collect things with skulls or skeletons on them. Graphics, clothes, paper, ANYTHING! LOL

Here's the big stuff:

7.) Gift Cards - Any amount will do. Best Buy, Walmart or Borders would be your best bet for me. LOL

8.) X-Men The Animated Series on DVD - I love this show. Grew up watching it. Of course, anything X-Men related would be awesome (just not the movies)!

9.) Digital Camera - Doesn't have to be brand new. I used to have one, but it was stolen. I would do the family pictures at gatherings, but haven't been able to for a couple of years now. This would be so awesome to have!

10.) Photoshop - I had this a long time ago, when it first came out, but my computer crashed and I lost it along with all the graphics that I'd made. I know it's the impossible, but it is something that I would really love to have. A very special elf has been gracious enough to give me this for a present. I thank you very much! You know who you are! LOL

Message me on LJ to get my contact info. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season no matter your religious preference or differences! *hugs*

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#10... GIMP it are your friend and free. very similar to photoshop but has its quirks that are different. i've seen it keep getting asked for, so the geek in me has to tell someone here about it.
I've got some stuff for you :) If you could email me at with a mailing address and a link back to this list that would be fantastic. :)
You have my email - or at least you should by now :P Send me your address sweetie. I have some goodies for you and your mom.
I can send a card.

Please PM me with your address and Holiday Wishes: Cards in the sbject.
I'd like to send you a postcard. Please send me your mailing address at emeixeira at gmail dot com with holiday wishes postcard as the subject :)
Holiday Wishes!!
I can help with #1, & possibly 3 or 4.. email me with your contact info at neonrose5 at
Re: Holiday Wishes!!
Ack - & don't forget to tell me who you are.. lj user name will suffice, but a name for the wish would help as well.. :)
I'd love to send you a card! PM me with your address, please.

Also, question. Do you have any specifics you require with the camera? Like age or screen size?