Happy Holidays ^_^

Hello all! Last year is the first year I participated, and it was so much fun! I cannot wait to start filling wishes this year! I’m 27 years old and the economy at large has moved me and my dog in with my mom for the time being, but we’re determined to make the best of the holiday season! So, here goes.

1. Surprise My Mom: My mom has had a rough year. I won’t give you the whole sob story – lord knows everyone is in a bad way these days – but it is really hitting her hard this time of year. A card or a little note or a letter or a little surprise in the mail would really brighten her day. She loves koalas, the Beatles, daisies and the color yellow. If you could think of her this holiday season, even if just to keep her in your prayers or send out some good vibes her way, it would be wonderful!

2. Dragon*Con Buddies! This past September, I went to Dragon*Con in Atlanta for the first time, and I had an absolute blast. I’ve honestly never had more fun on a vacation! The only thing missing was a big gang of ridiculously fun people to share the hijinx with. Don’t get me wrong, I came with a few friends, and we did have fun together but our interests differed here and there, and I had no one to hang with in the Dark Fantasy and Brit Tracks! If you plan on attending and would like to hang out, message me and let’s get to know each other! I’m planning to try costuming this year so any advice or ideas would be more than welcome.

3. Snail Mail: Cards and letters and postcards just make my day. I’d love to get a card from you!

4. Sweets: Candies, cookies, anything… I have a wicked sweet tooth (and so does everyone in my office), so we would love to sample your family favorite recipes or regional candies you might send along!

5. Donate to Oke Odan: I briefly worked with an amazing man, Sam. He was born in Nigeria and immigrated to the US as a young adult, to find success by becoming an LPN. With a deep love for his hometown, he recognized the need for better educational opportunities for the kids growing up there today. He has raised money through the Oke Odan foundation and gone back every summer to lend a hand in rebuilding the schools damaged by storms and the like. There is more information and a link to donate to the foundation here: http://www.oke-odan.org

6. Something from my Wishlist: Amazon.Com

7. Adopt a Pet: Get to your local animal shelter and adopt an abandoned or surrendered pet! My sister recently found three abandoned kittens and not a shelter in our area was able to take them, due to being so overcrowded surrendered family pets from people who had lost their homes and were unable to care for the animals any longer. On top of that, a nearby greyhound racetrack is shutting its doors and leaving upwards of 900 dogs and puppies in danger of being euthanized if they can’t find homes. To adopt from the Dairyland Racetrack in Kenosha, WI, contact Joanne 312-559-0887; if you’re not nearby or can’t take a greyhound but are still looking for a pet, visit your local shelter. Remember: Save a Life – Adopt a Pet!

8. Something for My Dog: I have a 97lb pit bull name Gretel. She just had surgery for a growth on her foot and the lack in mobility, along with the meds she has been taking, seem to have her pretty low. She loves ‘Bobo’s and chewy bones.

9. Surprise Me! Pretty much anything would make me smile these days, tangible or intangible. Icons, graphics, banners, fan fiction, or even some randomosity in the mail. My interests are pretty scattered but also pretty apparent from my profile.

Happy Holidays!

Me: Amanda G.
Mom: Kathy G.
Pup: Gretel G.
456 W Touhy Ave
Lot 501
Des Plaines, IL 60018
  • Current Location: 60018

I had to comment since you mentioned it. :D I went for the first time last year and really enjoyed it!

I'll be happy to send you a Christmas card. :D I agree that it's awesome to get mail besides bills for a change, especially during the holidays.

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naytally went to Dragon*Con this year too... I know you don't know her but I thought I'd mention it since I saw you mention Dragon*Con

Also, I can send you something... :-)
I'm going to send you a package, will have some stuff for your mum too (I'm in Australia, Koalas are easy!) plus some yummy edibles and stuff.

We can't do it again this Christmas, but all three of our dogs are rescues. Moxie, from PAWS in Kyle, Texas, Moose, from a private rescue in Dallas, Texas and Gina from Second Chance Shelter in Killeen, Texas.

When we lose one of the puppehs to old age (which will probably happen with Gina before long) we'll find another shelter/rescue puppy. They're the bestest.
It makes me very happy to know there are people out there like you, who go to the shelters and rescues first when adopting a pet! My pound-dog Gretel and I thank you :)
If you could email me at laffaireducoeur@aol.com with the link to this list that would be fantastic. :)
I love pit bulls. We have a mom that just had a litter and we're keeping two of those. :) I'd love to send Gretel something. Oh, do you give her rawhide?

Also, could you send an email to tangles@livejournal.com with the subject 'Holiday Wishes - Dog Toys (Pit Bull)' with your address? It helps me keep up with what I'm supposed to be sending. :)
I can send you a card. Also I'm going to DragonCon for the first time next year :)
I'd like to add you as an lj friend, if that's okay. I figure it's the best way to get to know each other before Dragon*Con 2010! :D (Though I haven't spent much time in the Dark Fantasy or Brit Track (with the exception of seeing GDL, of course). I did spend a bit of time enjoying the Whedonverse, TrekTrack and Stargate Multi-Universe Track)

I also am the proud mommy to two pibbles- a 78 pound American Staffordshire Terrier named Kaylo and a 45 pound Boxer/ American Pit Bull Terrier mix.
I WISH I could adopt a dog, but I can't have one in this building. :(

I received your card today, and will send you one in return soon. :D