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Hi everyone! My name is Lisa and this is my 2nd year of posting here. I'm from Wisconsin and I'm now in college, studying to become a teacher's assistant. I'm not expecting anything, but I'd love to share my wishes with everyone here.

1) A live journal subscription. I've been on Live Journal since 2004 and it's become a haven to write down my thoughts, ideas, post pictures of my constantly changing apartment, sharing my dreams or simply using it to vent. There's some things I'd love to do to my journal that requires a subscription like a massive clean out and trying out some great layouts.

2) Liv Kristine: Enter My Religion CD. I love this singer, but her music is so hard to find because she's Norwegian. If you can find any virus free mp3s, like on Itunes, I would appreciate it so much if you'd send them to me via email or msn.

3) A deviantART subscription. I've lost my Grandmother this year due to multiple illnesses and diabetes which made me lose my interest in art through most of the year. Just now the desire to draw again is coming back but I still need the motivation. Maybe that could help me.

4) I have a learning disability in math called dyscalculia which makes it extremely difficult for me to understand the subject; which brings fear of failing it in college. If there's anything out there that can help me cope with severe anxiety that would be wonderful. Especially simple prayers to God. I want to be able to graduate and succeed.

5) Donate to anything related to mental illnesses like depression/anxiety or cervical cancer or any other types of cancer. I suffer depression and anxiety and had a cancer scare a few years ago and I would appreciate it if you guys would help other victims too. I will someday soon when I get my degree.

Happy Holidays!
4) Same here. And I graduated!
I threw up, and cried in my first statistics class.

If I can do it, you can do it!
Talk to your adviser. Mine pointed me in the direction of the "easy" (er) math teachers and classes.
Get help. After I did my homework someone else fixed it. Many of my number were transposed, a mistake I never would have seen and would have been turned in incorrect, but having someone else read it, and fix it, is not cheating. It's like spell check for numbers.
I also do VERY badly at tests, my homework made up for my horrible test scores.
Good luck! and it's okay to cry, a lot, in class. :)
Thank you! I've been thinking about becoming a teacher's assistant so I don't think that something like statistics is really needed. I desperately need my confidence back though, especially after an abusive math teacher destroyed it. Maybe things may still change within the next four years on a more positive note...
4) Prayers! I have a learning disability too, on top of other stuff. It's not a lot of fun, but it is manageable once the anxiety is dealt with. If you've got the opportunity to do so, talk to a doctor about anxiety meds - they can be a lifesaver, and I actually just graduated from university two weekends ago. Something that very few thought I was capable of! Otherwise, I can try to point you in the direction of learning aids that could help. What are you studying?

5) I suffer from depression/anxiety too!

Thank you... and maybe a prayer to find love again while you're at it... if there's any requests you have feel free to share!
Kinda off topic, but dfgjkdf! My name is Live Christine, I'm Norwegian and studied music. Uncanny. D:
#4 - breathe. I know it sounds odd, but when you start to feel panicky - stop. Breathe in for 3, and out for 3 (slowly). Focus on your feet, wiggle your toes and breathe.

It's weird, but it actually works :P

(dyscalculic too (and bipolar),unfortunatly haven't managed to pass uni yet, keep failing and failing and failing - so good luck, I really have my fingers crossed for you).

edit: can I friend you?

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In terms of #4....it's okay, you're not alone. I have it, too, in a mild form, and it caused me to fail Chemistry three times. That caused me to switch my major to English, and transfer programs. BUT doing that caused me to meet three wonderful friends, and have the best professor I've ever known, and encourage me toward a writing career. Talk to your grad counselor about the fact that you have it, and take advantage of the tutoring and lower-level math options your college provides. Higher education is not there to fail you, but to help you be better prepared for the work force, and don't be afraid to ask for help with it. Good luck! :)
A dyscalculia/dyslexia trick that helped me tons in college:

Go to a xerox machine and blow everything up to about 400%. You'll need several pages for each 'normal' page, but it'll help if you can litteraly put your finger under each number as you write it. Also, having less 'clutter' on the page helps you to keep visual track of things better.

If your college has a copy of your high school IEP, you should be able to get your tests blown up and extra time so that you can go over things as much as you need.

Good luck!