My Wish List

1. Better luck than the last year and a half has shown. For both me, as well as my friends list--especially regarding anyone on my friends list with pets that have made it through the year.

2. A Doctor Who related icon, with my username on it. Martha, the Doctor, Donna, or Jack. I’m fine with any of them.

3. Someone to write a Doctor Who/Stargate crossover, where either the Doctor, Donna, Martha, or Jack gets taken over by a Go’auld--and the implications of that, as the others attempt to save them.

4. Feedback/comments on my fanfic.

5. A new layout, involving either Martha Jones, the Eighth Doctor, the Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, or Jack Harkness. I’m just in the mood to change my layout, since I’ve used my current one for so long. Possibly something with a similar coloring.

6. No ice storms this year. However, in the event of one we’ve got enough little heaters to keep us warm, even if we don’t have a generator yet. People that bought them had them recalled anyway, due to a few houses blowing up.

7. Someone to write a fanfic set sometime after 42--the Doctor gets possessed by that sun creature again. Whether or not it ends well or horribly is up to the writer.

8. A Ghostbusters/Doctor Who crossover. Like with #3, I’ve just wanted to see this sort of thing for a while. Maybe the Doctor runs across Zuul, Vinz Clortho, and Gozer, and they’re just aliens. Maybe a companion (or even the Doctor) gets possessed by Zuul or Vinz Clortho. I saw a Buffy/Ghostbusters crossover a long time ago, where Cordelia and Buffy were possessed by Zuul and Vinz Clortho, so that’s where this idea stems from.

9. Icons from Pushing Daisies, since I just recently watched the entire series in the course of three days. Either that, or icons of the three main characters on Being Human, I currently can’t decide.
My boyfriend wants me to tell you that your Doctor Who/Stargate idea is the BESTEST IDEA EVAR and he loves you. If anyone grants the wish, could you send me a copy? He'd love to read it too. cherieish (at) gmail (dot) com.

(I hope it's okay to ask for a copy - I dunno the etiquette for fanfic, heh.)