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I co-own a small business with my dad, and our main thing is unique all natural, hand made beef jerky. We have the opportunity to take on a couple of contracts that will help keep our business growing even in this economy, but to do so we need new dehydrators and more trays for our existing ones. Without them, I can't keep up with the demand these contracts would have. As it is, I can barely keep up with the equipment we have now, without the contracts - so those are my biggest wishes this year - a new 1000 watt Nesco dehydrator for my business, and extra trays for our existing cookers.

1) Money towards the cooker I'm saving for OR the cooker itself.
2) Extra trays for our existing cookers.
3) Lifetime memberships to any of the sites on my wishlist - http://fullmoonpixels.com
4) Tube license to any paid pixel membership that I don't already have the license for - you can see which ones I have license for on the memberships page of FMP.
5) Renewals of any of the memberships due to expire - also see the memberships page of FMP for expirations
6) Ram sticks for the computer - I'll have to look and see exactly what type. I'd like 2 more gigs for it.
7) An 80 gig or higher external drive that works with Vista Home Premium - my old one does not.
8) Scented candles - the sweeter smelling the better
9) Bearded dragon supplies, gift cards, or food - gift cards for petco, petsmart - supplies (reptisun 10 24" tube florescent lights, t-rex active uv heat lights, repcal brand calcium with D3, repcal herptivite multivitamin) from petmountain.com or lllreptile.com - crickets or superworms from reevescricketranch.com OR silkworms and food from coastalsilkworms.com OR silkworm eggs and food from silkwormwholesale.com
10) Prayers and healing energy for my elderly mother who has COPD

Email for my mailing address - cmfout@gmail.com
Thank you. We're trying to keep her with us until summer, so her 2 youngest grandsons can spend one more summer with her before it's too late. That's the only time she sees them.
Would you mind if I added you as a friend?

Do you have a website for the beef jerky?