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Hi! This is my first year posting to this community and I've been lurking for awhile before I finally managed to put together my list.

I'm 28, disabled due to congenital heart defects, wife and loving mom to two adopted cats.

1.  Mail! I love getting things in the mail besides bills and junk mail. Postcards, Christmas cards, magazines, etc.

2.  Handmade items. I'm an avid crocheter so I love handmade gifts and things.  Just knowing that someone took the time to make you a little something makes it that much more special. I love scarves and fingerless gloves especially. I'm also a huge Star Wars fan and I know this is probably a long shot but if anybody could make me a hand knitted or crocheted Qui-Gon Jinn my muse would be extremely grateful. All Star Wars crocheted or knitted items would be awesome, but that one is way out of my skill level to make. :D

3.  Crochet hooks! Speaking of my favorite hobby, I love getting different types of hooks made out of different materials. The size I work with the most is 5mm / H8.

4.  Stamps! I love making cards for people and I collect Stampabilities stamps. :D

5.  Livejournal friends. :D I always love making new friends. Sometimes the best friendships can be formed out of the blue. :D

6.  Anything from my amazon.com Wish List

7.  Gift Cards! I love Bath and Body Works, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart. I shop at those places regularly so I could really use them.

8.  Toys and or treats for my kitties. :D

9.  I know this one's probably a long shot, but an agent or editor to look at my writing. I will be finished with my original novel soon and I would like the chance to pitch it to a professional.

10.  Donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They enabled me to make a wish when I was growing up that meant the world to me. I really would like to be able to return the favor and make another child's dream come true. The amount doesn't matter, every little bit helps those kids.

Lauren Thompson
3123 Carlton Avenue
Red Bank, TN 37415
e-mail: lmothompson at comcast.net

1, 4 and 5 done.

The stamps aren't your brand, but I hope you'll like them.
I will definitely be sending you a card, but I'm working on getting a few other things together.
I can send mail, something random (I'm being seriously random this year, someone even ended up with a happy birthday card, hmmm). I'm also friending you because I love random LJ friends and meeting new people.
Yay!!!! I like new friends. :D And I like mail. :D I'm hoping I'll get my mailbox stuffed this year. :D
Friending you! I'm also a writer, and I love having new people who understand the writing addiction and all that goes with it.

*bounces off to do so*
Yay!! Writers are a special group of awesome. :D Have you been participating in NaNoWriMo?

Also, I adore your icon. That's awesome! :D
Oh awesome!!

Small world!

I really haven't forgotten you guys, I promise! Just been super busy with my own writing, illnesses, and the holidays. I'll be a better comm maintainer once things calm down a bit. :D
Well, I am working on number 1 for sure. I hope you don't mind magazine clippings. :)