Cue the Peanuts Christmas music!

Greetings everyone! This is my first year participating in this community. I am very curious to see how it works! I have already found some wishes I can grant, which is exciting!

A little about me: I am a 37 year old woman, married with 6 year old son. I am a children’s entertainer and co-producer of events for a farm here in PA. Like most people nowadays, we are struggling with money and health troubles but are happy for the most part! Many of my wishes are to improve my offerings/services at the parties that I host, creating an even better party experience for the children who come and for the parents who are hosting!

1. Butterfly Snowstorm Magic Trick- I am in need of new tricks for my show, preferably something that can seem fairy-like.

2. Mood Canvas Bag- Yes I am a Project Runway fan!

3. Silly Farm Gift Certificate-| To improve my facepainting offerings at my parties!

4. Moresca Gift Certificate- I have a costuming addiction and do not own any Moresca pieces yet! I LOVE their Faerie Bodice.

5. These Earrings from Etsy- Again with the costuming, but I would wear these anytime!

6. Father Ted series on DVD- Hubby and I are HUGE fans of this show so this would serve as a gift to him too!

7. Gift Card to Target or Michaels Arts and Crafts, even a leftover balance helps! I LOVE Target (their clearance is awesome) and Im a crafter and am always visiting Michaels for my needs. AC Moore is great too, and we recently got a Hobby Lobby (45 mins away but still)

8. Morning Blossom tea from Sacredteas I sampled this at Faeriecon this year, DELICIOUS!

9. Stardust! For fairy dust bags for my parties.

10. Kindness to your fellow wo/man and animals. Donate to a local charity, volunteer at the local shelter, treat a stranger to a smile and a kind word, be especially kind to your server at lunch, whatever!

I don’t feel comfortable posting my address for the world to see, so please email me at and include Holiday Wishes in the subject line. If you are planning on granting a wish, please reply to this post so I can see if I can return the favor!


Hi! Can you please fix your link in #2? You can embed it using [a href="your link here"]Link Text[/a] with < instead of [. Thank you!
hi, i just took it down to the basic website because i wasnt sure what you meant :) sorry, i hope it helped?