Grettings from Florida!

Holiday Wish List!

This is my first time posting, and I think it sounds like such a wonderful idea, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

My name is Vicky, and I'm 23 :)

Here is my wish list:

1. I really like sewing, and I'm still learning how to do so. Any old books or patterns or anything of the like would be really, really helpful.

2. My ferrets would really like to play in the backyard, but we always get tangled up in leashes! A ferret playpen would be excellent, used is fine!

3. My favorite breed of dog is Great Dane, but it's hard to find Dane related jewelry! A necklace or earrings with a Great Dane on it would be awesome!

4. Big Sexy Hair has a 'Healthy' line of soymilk shampoo and conditioner - and one of them smells like chocolate. Chocolate scented hair would be amazing!

5. The book 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance.

6. Mail. I just like getting mail. If you want to doodle on a napkin and mail it to me, I would love it forever. In fact I will likely frame it. Notes, cards, random photos - I just love getting mail.

7. Pet stuff. I have a Great Dane, a German Shepherd, and a small corgi-mix; a cat; and 3 ferrets. Toys, goofy clothes, anything. Wear and tear is ok.

8. Sketchbooks. I really like to doodle, I just never happen to have paper around.

9. Gift card to Ikea. It's my favorite store on the planet, no lie.

10. I would really, really love one of those cute little tiny laptops. I have a good desktop, but I would like a small laptop to use in the living room for writing when my husband is gaming or doing schoolwork on the other one.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

Victoria Kulig
601 Choctaw Ave
Lakeland, FL 33815
Re: #6
Yay! Thank you so much! If you would like to email me your address I will mail you one back!
How are the ferrets about chewing on string or unraveling toys? My other half knits, and would be happy to knit a ferret-play-toy (like a ball) for you!

If the cat is good about it, he can stuff a ball with catnip and natural, fresh-sheared wool too, which drives most cats nuts with joy. (grin) But if your kitty eats string, knitted toys are not a good idea. :(

I have some dog-frisbees if your dogs like to play with them! I could send a few of those, too.
Knitted things are great! I used to have crocheted eggs that they adored. No one is a crazy string eater :) my dogs are not much into frisbees, but thank you so much for the offer!
Not a clue, really.... :( Maybe some jack Russell or some other terrier type I'm guessing? Some day I will do a doggy DNA test on him just for fun :)