eat some turkey, deck some halls

Hi, all! This is my second year with Holiday Wishes, and I still think this is
the coolest idea floating around the internet. ^__^

My wishes:

1. I really want to get my sweetie a Wii or a Playstation 3, but money is tight. Rather than wish for either one of those here, I’m wishing for Amazon gift certificates (my account name is GuiltyRed) in the hopes that I can get a lot of small ones and those will add up to let me buy something amazing.

2. A dollar. Back to item #1, I’ve wondered if enough people might send me one humble dollar hidden in a card that I could have a stab at that game system. My sweetie’s been under so much stress with school (going to college for the first time at 36 – and taking on a double major and a minor – ain’t easy!), and that’s the one thing I really want to give as a surprise for staying on the dean’s list and getting into the Gold Key Honor Society.

3. Like many people this year, I’ve been laid off from a job I loved and haven’t had much luck finding anything else (I’m in Michigan, so, yeah…). If anyone knows of a real, honest-to-goodness work from home gig that might take me on as a proof reader or editor, that would be fantastic! (Actually, ANY job-finding leads or tips would be most appreciated.)

4. Aaaand…to help facilitate my ongoing job hunt, I’d love it if a kindly elf could give me some help with my resume.

5. Gift cards: Kohl’s and PetSmart. =^.^=

6. Chocolate! Whether candy bars, hot cocoa mixes, or bonbons, I love all things chocolate (and have no food allergies to worry about), and it’s one of my life goals to try chocolates from all over the world.

7. A Pampered Chef smooth-edge can opener.

8. An anime music video set to VNV Nation’s song “Joy” using Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core footage, sort of an homage to SOLDIER.

9. Donate your old towels to your local humane society, veterinarian, or no-kill shelter. If you can, donate some time too.

10. Something to remind me that magic is real. It’s been a very hard year for my household, and I’ve been fighting depression and despair along with the sense of Just Getting Older; I need as many reminders as I can get. Whether it’s a token (a stone, a shell, a feather, a photograph) or a personal story about something extraordinary (paranormal, spiritual, uncategorizable, just plain amazing) that made you sit up and go “Whoa! It’s real!” – that’s what I’m looking for.

My addy:
P.O. Box 264
Davison MI 48423</div>
Job Leads?
I'm not sure how much help it would be, but you could post on for jobs. And bid on them there as well. I have hired people from there - and been hired myself upon occasion. It might be worth a try.
Re: Job Leads?
Thank you, I'll check it out. ^_^ If I have any questions, may I bug you?
People I talk to seem to be under this misconception that when I'm looking for a job, they just fall into my lap. They don't, I work hard for them. My advice to you- Whenever, I mean whenever, you come into contact with someone, casually slip in that you're looking for a job. If someone says "hey, haven't seen you in ages, how are you?" "Oh, I'm good, I'm good, I'm looking for a job, but I'm good." You will be amazed at how many times people will say "oh, you're looking for a job? Well, I know so-and-so who's hiring!" and it may not be exactly what you want, but a job is a job, especially in this economy.

Also, number 9- donating towels to a shelter or vet is a great idea. I know I'm getting new towels for Christmas and my old ones are definitely still serviceable, so I will be taking them in to my humane society after new years. Thanks for the idea!
People I talk to seem to be under this misconception that when I'm looking for a job, they just fall into my lap.

I hear you there, it's always been a task (but gosh darn it, things used to be easier, didn't they?). I've started doing the "casually slip in" thing since reading your comment, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

And bless you on the towels - critters need bedding, and staff need serviceable towels for doggie baths. Have a lovely holiday season! =^.^=
Resume help, I can help with! :) I took a workshop earlier this year, and taught a class in Seattle as well, on resume and cover letter writing. I blogged about it, here:
Some of those tips and tricks you may already know, but hopefully it helps. Good luck! :)

Also, in terms of editing stuff...have you checked out Elance? It's a freelance writing website that is legit (I did three paid gigs through them at the beginning of last year). It's not steady or anything, and you will have to file taxes for those earnings as an independent contractor, but it might be good for networking for you, and earning a little bit on the side. I recommend going out on a limb and applying for positions that don't even have "editor" in the title. I applied to one out here for an IT position, and they hired me because of my editing skill set (and put me to work as a technical writer). You just never know.

I think the magic of this community is a good example for #10. But I have more I can share. :D
I'm part of an acting troupe that puts on site-specific creations ( and we did a fantastic show all about love and wishes and frivolity in May 2008. During the finale of this interactive show, we passed out large gold-leaf-covered eggs. Months later, I overslept for work and caught a late bus. On the bus with me was a gentleman holding one of those eggs. I was so excited that I told our director, who was over the moon about it. Somehow, she got in touch with the man's sister, who told her how he loved the show and had been diagnosed with a fatal cancer. Every time he went in for treatment, he brought the egg with him to cheer everyone up. It had become a sort of icon. Well, the director and this man met, and fell in love. They are literally two peas in a pod! She put on a special performance in the cancer treatment center for him, which delighted all the other patients and staff. So that little ripple in the community spread joy, and brought two people who were perfect for each other together. Magic happens! In subtle, but beautiful, ways.
Wow, what an awesome story about the egg! That made me cry in exactly the right way. Thank you so much for that - it's the kind of reminder I needed so badly. *hugs*

I'll be studying your blog on the resume and cover letter advice, and thanks for the lead on Elance. May I contact you if I have questions? Oh, and I'll definitely try going out on a limb with the less-expected job descriptions! One can never know, huh? ^_^
Check out They are a work at home company. I currently work for them and their client Live Nation. It's fun, you pick your own hours and it's good extra money.

I'm from Michigan as well so I know how hard it is out there!
Thanks, I will!

It's crazy here in MI, no doubt about it. Best of luck to you and yours!