Hello, my name is Ashley and I live in Texas. I've done this wishlist thing before and have appreciated the little bits of joy people have sent. I think it's a wonderful community and I love seeing so many people wish for things like donations to charity and that sort of stuff :) I look forward to doing what I can for people.

Here are my wishes, they are few:

1. The thing I always wish for the most is art of my characters. It makes me so happy to get depections of them from all sorts of artists. I have 2 characters. My main one, which is a wolf/cheetah hybrid and a second is a mutt character I recently created. Here are their references-

Malaika- http://malaikawolfcat.deviantart.com/art/Dangerous-and-Sweet-131266166 (I especially love art of her with my fiance or friends' chars, refs for which can be found in the info there)
Owen- http://malaikawolfcat.deviantart.com/journal/24397287/

2. I'd love if you could take a moment to stop by my photography account and take a look :) It's here- http://justblieve.deviantart.com/

3. Links to your favorite artists/photographers. I like people who do animal/wildlife/fantasy stuff, but I also enjoy people who do movie/tv fanart (especially stuff from LOST, HP, LotR)

4. Donate to your local animal shelter or to a zoo or conservation group :) Most of the time, they really do need your help. Volunteer your time, money, supplies, anything. At the vet clinic I work at we put up a little flyer saying we needed towel and blanket donations and we've had so many people bring us in fleece blankets and nice plush towels and we appreciate it so much! It makes us all feel good to know the dogs that board with us or are sick have nice soft things to lay on :)

5. The only thing of monetary value I could really use are giftcards to Petsmart (our cats go through a lot of toys and litter) and restaurants/fast food that my fiance and I could use. Even $5 is $5 that we don't have to pay for the next time we want to have lunch together or something :) If by some weird chance you happen to get something we don't have around here (though we have almost everything since we're by Dallas) I'll send it back to you :)

6. Just be nice towards people. Even if people seem kind of rude or angry, try not to act the same towards them or the next person you come across. You never know what people are going through that might have made them like that. Maybe something bad happened in the family or someone wasn't very nice to them and they're just acting out. You being curteous towards them even when they're not at their best really could make a difference :)

Thank you so much everyone. If you need my address for any reason, you can contact me for it at lost.and.found.art @ gmail.com

Have a happy holiday!