I participated in this a couple of years ago and loved it! So im back. Hello, Im brittney. Im 22 [turning 23 on christmas actually ~] and i live in rhode island. Im recently married [in july] to the love of my life and I also overcame a huge fear of driving and got my license in april. This year has been huge and ive grown quite a bit. Fortunately my mood and faith in society has gotten...better. Id really like to make this christmas a very kind and loving one. The following list is full of simple, cheap, and more kindness based gifts that I would LOVE you all for. I, myself, am looking through wish lists to see whose day i can brighten. And response will be amazing.

1. I have been living with PCOS for a very long time and have been too broke to do anything about it. When I got married I got benifits and I have yet to see a doctor. Advice and/or doctors in the new england area specializing in pcos would be amazing.

2. I live in a small apartment with a very old kitty. shes turning 17. any cat toys new or used would be great for her.

3. I also have a sun conure parrot, toys are mad expensive. Even if you could make something he would be very grateful. He hasnt had a new toy in ages.

4. I also have two bearded dragons. lol. they dont really need much put food so a petsmart/petco gift certificate even for 5 bucks would be a great gift.

5. I love art. My favorite things to get fan art of is final fantasy [7,8,& 10], nintendo, left 4 dead, kingdom hearts, or any from the animes: fruits basket & blood+. I dont care if its a pencil drawing! anything would be sooooooo awesome. also i dig disney art too. especially lionking and aristocats and fox & the hound.

6. fanfics. pretty much as listed above but you could even do ones from my favorite shows: lost, dexter, and flash forward.

7. anything creative that you make. if you have a hobby. even if its pictures or photoshop. i have a great love for arts and crafts so that would be great.

8. anything gamer related.

9. lastly cards or letters. from all over the place.

i dont care about creepers so...

brittney gallagher
35 old carriage rd apt 92
west warwick, RI 02893

thanks in advance!
Awesome! That's my fave pairing!

Anything you hate/love in fis? I don't wanna write something you'll totally hate!
no i can get into pretty much anything, so have fun with it. ill love it to pieces im sure.
first of all you should see if dr betsy is close to you, if she isnt she may know who is good in your area...she is in Mass, but i am not good enough at geography to know how close to you....
witchwestphalia here on LJ.

i can do cat toy, probably
i can definitely make a conure toy. sadly i had to give up my parrot recently....

ps. do you know how to knit? or crochet? because you can make both parrot and cat toys pretty cheaply if you do
dr betsy? hmm ill check it out! thanks!

and any toys would be greatly appreciated, and no I dont know how to knit, ive always wanted to tho.
Yaaay cards! I will see if I can toss you one! :D
I will be sending you a card!
And possibly a drawing if I can find some time!
thanks, id love it. btw i love your icon. let me know if theres anything i can do in return

I can help out in the fanart department, hehe. ♥ Anything specific you'd like, or is there a character you're partial to? I'll do my best!
loveee your icon. I lol'd.

Annnnd I love so many characters. Red xiii from 7, rinoa from 8, and lulu from 10 are my faves.

i also love the pairing of rinoa & quistis. Also lovee zelll. OH GOD SO MANY. haha.

Anything would be extremely amazing.
I would love to fulfill #1, 7 & 9.

#1: I can recommend some pretty good books about controlling it yourself (the Doctors I have seen all say diet, exercise and losing the weight are my biggest chances of "getting rid of" pcos,but they really didn't offer anymore advice on how or what to do. So I was left to do a ton of research on my own.) Let me know if this is something you are interested in.

7&9: Adding you to my Christmas card/ATC list!
please! any advice would be appreciated. ive recently been directed to trying Mirena because its a constant hormone balance. let me know what you've been told.