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Hello everyone! My name is Julie, I am 29 and married to a great guy named Sean. We live in Ohio with our two cats and two dogs. This is the 4th year that I am participating in this community and I am so excited to get into it for this year as well! I've already been looking around and trying to see where I can grant some wishes :)

I guess I'll just get to the wishes!

1. A website. The store I work at is a little locally owned place, and we have a cruddy website! I have been trying to build a new one for it, but my time and abilities are limited. The store can't afford to pay anyone to make one right now, so it would be awesome if a talented web site maker person would want to offer to do something simple for us! THANK YOU! :D :D :D

2. Donate time, money, food, bedding, treats, and toys to your local humane society/shelter or animal rescue. We will be donating a bag full of treats and toys on behalf of our shelter puppies!

3. Holiday MAAAAAIIIILLLL! I love getting things in the mail that aren't bills or letters from bill collectors! I especially love cards or postcards from overseas. I have a lot of blank walls that can be filled with awesome cards!

4. Funky socks! I have quite the sock collection, but there is always room for more! I love any socks with fun images, funky colors, themes, holidays ANYTHING! I love socks! Fluffy ones, ones with the nubby things on the bottom so you don't slip on the floor, any kind!

5. Small stuffed animals or chewy toys for my dog Zoe. The only thing I ask is that they aren't the kind with "beans" in them or with the button eyes. She likes to eat things that aren't food. :-/

6. McDonald's or Jersey Mike's gift certificates. The place I work at is right next to both of those places and I like to be able to treat myself to a sub or a box of fries sometimes!

7. Ornaments for my tree! I love having all different types of ornaments from all kinds of places. I like vintage looking ones a lot, from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Handmade ones are especially awesome!

8. Donate toys through Toy's for Tots! I mean really, you get to help out some sexy Marines and some cute kids all at the same time!

9. Some more local friends. Couples would be awesome so that my husband can have someone to hang out with too! I live in the greater Cincinnati area, so if you're in the same area - check out my profile and see if you think we might get along. :)

10. Donate non-perishable items to your local foodbank. This time of year is especially hard, and with unemployment as high as it has been, they are always in need of things to fill their shelves! Again, if you live in the greater Cincinnati area I can direct you to a great place to drop off some things for a local foodbank... the store I work at! :)

Leave a comment here or drop me a line at juliedmc @ gmail.com for my address or if you need/want more info about any of my wishes! Thanks so much for taking the time to look! :)
I can send a card.

Please PM me with your address and put Holiday Wishes: Card in the subject.
Toys for Tots is an annual family tradition for us. Thank you for the reminder to support such an awesome cause.
Excellent! I wasn't in a financial position to donate last year, but I am excited to be able to do it this year!
if you send me your snail mail i can send you a holiday card!

i KNOW many people in the Cincinnati area, although i do not live there (philly) so maybe if you post a couple times on my lj (assuming you see a post you like to comment on) you could mention this? and see if my LJ Ohio friends look you up...

also, join the SCA. srsly. www.sca.org i think you are in the "midrealm" kingdom out that way. i am in the east Kingdom here.

i donate to my local shelters all the time.. we have 8 adopted cats and an adopted dog.
ahem, send your snail mail to kirsten at fabricdragon dot com... and pls to remind me i am sending you a card
I'd love to send a holiday card :D

Feel free to drop me an email with your lj name and contact info at pcharmes2 at gmail dot com if you like, and I'll get one sent out! :)
Im not in Cinci but in Dayton... I'd totally love to add you if you want :)
Dayton is so close though! Haha, I actually live in West Chester, which is only about 25-30 minutes from you. :) But feel free to add me! I'm always up for new LJ friends. :)
Depending on what you had in mind, I could fulfil number 1 on your list. I do HTML and/or CSS, no flash or anything like that. :)
Oooh, thanks. I've got a couple other people who have also said they might be able to help! Haha. I'll PM you with the web address for the current site so you can see what it looks like right now, along with some more information. :)
I'd be happy to grant a couple of these wishes! send me an email with your mailing address to foolishdream@gmail.com :)
you know youre getting a card but ill pull out the fleece and make some blankets for kitties at my humane shelter like i did last year. you reminded me:)
Aww! Yay! I should do that too, if I find the time! We've got tons of treats to take over to them already though! :D
I've scanned the comments and don't see it immediately, but has anyone been able to offer dog toys for your #5 wish? If not, I'd be happy to send a little something for Zoe! I'm a huge animal lover, and I know exactly what you mean about the "beans" that are sometimes in stuffed animals - my golden retriever goes through those very quickly!
No one has offered yet and I would LOVE that! (and so would Zoe! :)

Zoe tears apart the animals like crazy, but it keeps her hyper butt busy so the more animals I can have the better! Yard sales are our friends during the summer time, for sure!

If you send me your email address I will email you back with info! :)
2, 8 & 10
2. We got our last kitty from there and made a nice donation when we took her home. :)

8. I'm doing Festival of Stars a our local children's hospital, too!

10. Our library is doing 'Food for Fines' and while I have no fines I plan to drop off some stuff for them anyway!
I can probably send a stuffed animal your way. Hubby is too good at claw machines for his own good, and our puppy doesn't need anymore stuffed animals.

E-mail your addy to pastakitty@gmail.com and I'll pick one out for you.