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Hi guys, my name's Conor and my fiancée introduced me to this community a few weeks ago. She suggested I make up a list and post it here, so I figured why not? I'll try not to make it too long, and I'll do my best to grant other people's holiday wishes as much as possible.

1. Anything from my Amazon Wish List (hopefully that link works.) As you can see, the loves of my life are comics, wrestling and awesome shows from HBO.

2. On the subject of comics, any trade paperbacks focusing on The Blue Beetle. I'm most familiar with the third Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, but would love to read more of the Ted Kord period. Graphic novels and trade paperbacks can run pretty expensive here, so if you have any second hand copies you don't mind passing on, I'd be very appreciative.

3. Christmas cards. I like getting post, so if you'd liek to send me a card, that would be awesome.

4. Donations to Oxfam. Whether it's money or just handing in some items to one of their shops, I really think they support some worthy causes and deserve our support.

5. If you happen to know anyone who works in film or television production, I'd love to speak with them. I'm a screenwriter and have been trying to get a foothold for a while now - any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

6. Music, whether it be mix CDs or MP3s. My favourite bands are the Pixies and Fugazi, but I'll give just about anything a try.

Well, I guess that's all I can think of. If you have any questions or would like my address, just e-mail me at a.genius.in.france AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!
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I will be emailing you with a 10-song mix to download. Happy Holidays!
Thank you very much for the mix! I'll be sure to do whatever I can to help fulfil one or two of your own holiday wishes.
Check your email - I sent you some zipped songs.

Happy Holidays!
Thank you very much! I've sent you an e-mail as well, and if you'd like I can post you some of the items on your list.
I'd love to send you a Christmas card! :-) Send me an email at sara.ringham@gmail.com ? :-)
I'm happy to send a card! Please feel free to toss me an email with your LJ name and contact info at pcharmes2 at gmail dot com and I'll mail one off! :D
Thank you very much, Daez! I'll post one back to the address in your list, and anything else I can do for ya!
Stupid question, but have you been to Filmbase Ireland in Dublin? They have regular social events and you could get talking to the right people.

It's all about knowing the right people - I can't help you cause I worked in documentary and am out of Ireland now anyway. Good luck though :)
I've been down there a couple of times, did a directing course which was pretty cool. Money's a bit tight, so I can get down there as often as I'd like. Thanks for the advice, though.
Money's a bit tight...

That can be fixed, you know. *does best Tony Stark impression*
Thanks very much for the advice! I check out Mandy.com pretty often, but didn't know about ProductionHub.com.

Expect an e-mail your way soon. Thanks again!
RE: Wish 5
A guy I went to high school recently started up his own production company called RAB Studios. So far, he's produced several music videos as well as a drama series set in the city I live. You can find more about his company at this website: http://www.rabstudios.com/index.php

Also, the big production companies (Universal, Paramount, WB, etc) have finally realized how much cheaper it is to film movies on the eastern seaboard and thus Plymouth Rock Studios has just opened up in MA. You can find the website here: http://plymouthrockstudios.com/home.html

As both of these companies are fairly new to the movie industry, they are probably your best bet for getting your foot in the door since they are both relatively unknown.
Re: Wish 5
Hi! I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner.

Thanks for the links and the info. I live in Ireland at the moment, but it doesn't hurt to know people on the other side of the pond.

Do you have a wish list posted? I'd like to return the favour, if I can.