Sam (samarainthewell) wrote in holiday_wishes,

Hello, everyone! First time participating in this comm.
(I can't believe it's the holidays again; where did time go?!)

1. Book recommendations or books in .lit, .txt or .pdf format.
There aren't really any genres I dislike, so rec away.

2. Music recommendations or zips/mp3s.

3. LJ friends. If you look at my journal, you'll see that I only use it to community-hop, but I really want to find people who share my interests and stuff. My profile doesn't have a lot of them, but if you look at my icons, you'll get an idea of what I'm into. (movies, videogames, that sort of thing) :)

4. Icons & wallpapers. I change the look of my desktop probably once a day. I make my own stuff too, but I *love* other people's graphics.

5. A donation to the ASPCA or a shelter of your choice.

6. Health and happiness, not only for me but for my family. I know this one can't be granted by anyone, but it's nice to put it out there. :P

7. And finally, the "expensive" part of my wishlist: I'd like an extension on my new paid account or a rename token. I've had this name for so long but I've grown tired of it and want to change it. :)

Happy holidays!

eta: sorry for replying so late to everyone, I hadn't used my computer in a week. I promised a few people icons and stuff, I'm still working on them; will get them to you soon. =)
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