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Well hello there!

Hi there! I'm the ominous_waffle/Josie and this is my first year doing this, and my first year on LJ! I are a teenager living in Western Australia. Anyway, not really expecting anything, as its all uber expensive but hey, I'll post a wishlist anyway. It's my birthday on Dec 11th so its kinda a Birthday/Christmas wishlist. Anyhow, I'll stop ranting now and get on with it.

1.) Electric Light Orchestra -
Vinyls, CD's, posters, DVDs, I'll take them all. Currently, I only own 1 ELO thing (because I'm such a bad fangirl) which is The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra CD. This in particular would be muchly appreciated.

2.) Chaser merch -
The Chaser is a comedy show here in Aus and easily my second biggest fandom. I would love some Chaser's War on Everything DVDs but once again, anythings fine with me. If you live outside of Australia, you can buy them online at, and they come signed!

3.) An iPod/MP3 player -
I've never had one of these because I'm horrible with saving money. Long shot, I know, but please. I don't care if it's used, just as long as it has a screen and can play music (500 songs min).

4.) Stuff from any musician I like -
I like the Electric Light Orchestra, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan... List goes on, if you're really interested, there's more on my profile. Once again, vinyls, CD's, posters, DVD's, all will be loved. Band shirts are also win.

5.) The Goodies/Doctor Who stuff -
DVDs, posters, etc.
Stuff like this is also good.

6..) Accessories -
Currently, I own one pair of earrings. That is all. Therefore, I would like more accessories. Earrings, bracelets, handbags, shoes IDK. Everything is fine with me. The only things I don't like are studs and pink. Home-made is also good.

7.) Nintendo DS -
Once again, long shot. Used, old school ones are fine.

8.) Donate to RSPCA/your local animal shelter
Because I love animals.

9.) New LJ friends
I love friends, the more in common we have, the better.

10.) This, for my friend, who has been really supportive of me this past year. It's her favourite singer of all time and I'd like to give it to her in order to repay her kindness.

Well there we go, my wishlist! If you want to contact me, drop me a line at apocalyptic_waffle[at]
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