Into the Aether I cast my words...

Hi! I'm in my late forties, have a desk job at a major retailer, and am a long-time fannish person.

I am...doing better this year, well enough to send out multiple inexpensive surprises. Looks like I'll have to get another box of holiday cards though.

Without further ado, my wishes.

1. Good/better health for my family, friends and co-workers.

2. For all soldiers to come home safe and sound from the wars.

3. Mix CDs! If you're not in the US, or you happen to know a good local band, I'd like at least one track to be from a homegrown musician. If you want to know more about my taste in music, or have a suggested theme, please comment.

4. LJ/DW icons--take a look at my interests and build something from there.

5. Fanart of my fanfics!

6. Something off my Amazon wishlist:

7. Pre-1985 British comics of any genre, not including 2000 AD. (I had most of those.)

8. Non-US candy. Yum!

9. Fanfics for pulp characters or Golden Age superheroes. Gen by preference; romance is okay if it isn't the main plot of the story.

10. Heroclix and similar-sized gaming miniatures. I really should start GMing again.

Scott K. Jamison
PO Box 3674
Minneapolis MN 55403

A happy and prosperous holiday season to you all!
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6. I have a paperback copy of The Mermaid Chair (ISBN 0143036696) that I will gladly send if you want it. Let me know -- you can leave me a comment here, or if you need to email me that's celeria at livejournal dot com.
Have received package--saving the actual opening for closer to Christmas. Thanks!
Have now opened the package! Thanks for The Mermaid Chair, and for the embossed gift card--that extra touch is much appreciated!
I can probably come up with some Australian candy for you...

And given that my computer is about to be replaced, I'm going to be able to come up with mix cd's, too. So hints for what to throw on it would be more than welcome!

I am not fond of rap, hip-hop, or the variety of metal where screaming is mistaken for singing. Otherwise, I like a wide variety of music.

As mentioned above, if you're in Australia, at least one track by a local musician (I have about twelve versions of Waltzing Matilda though, that might not be your best choice...) Some suggested themes: "You Gotta Hear This", "The Long Rest of Winter" (songs for the cold season that aren't holiday-related--mind, I seem to recall you folks are in the middle of summer just now), "Sunset Songs", "My Favorite Superhero."
No Waltzing Matilda, huh.

I will have no trouble of coming up with something all Australian though.
My cd burner's not working, but I can certainly send you some mp3s of local music. email addie?
Re: Never mind about the email
Finally got to download and burn this, thanks!

More at my LJ a bit later.
Thank you for number 2. My brother was killed in the war and it makes my heart happy when I hear people thinking about and praying/hoping for safe returns for our soldiers.

I'd like to make you a cd if that's ok. Let me know some of the music you like so I can pick a direction to go in. :)
Well, see the comment to maika_75 above for the things I'm not fond of. Among the things I do like are folk, filk, Celtic, hymns, J-pop, pre-1960 pop music and bluegrass.
I saw on your Amazon Wishlist that you were in need of The Cruxshadow's Ethernaut album and Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Beethoven's Last Night.

I have both and would gladly upload them somewhere for you...if you are interested in that sort of thing.
I'm on dial-up, so downloading is a bit difficult for me--still haven't gotten the zip posted above yet.

And I have to admit I'm not as comfortable with burning entire albums as-is.