Holiday Wishlist

Hello everybody! I'm back again this year and will try to grant as many wishes as I can. I love this community and I think it's a great way to spread the love!

That said, here's my own wishlist:

1. Hello Kitty anything! I'm completely nuts for Hello Kitty. Pencils, sticky notes, stickers, I don't care. Anything with her adorable little face on it :-D

2. Mail! Lots of mail! Letters, postcards, Christmas cards, whatever! I WILL write back if you want me to (please ask in whatever you send me if you want a reply) but I can't guarantee it'll be timely. I WILL reply to you, though!

3. Books! Fiction. Any kind. My favorites are mystery and horror, but I'm also a fan of just regular, ordinary fiction. I *love* to read!

4. Surprises! Send me a care package. As big or as small as you want. Doesn't matter what's in it--drawings from your kids, a couple of pretty buttons, some old photographs. Whatever. I love surprises!

5. Rainbow stuff! Anything with rainbows on it. Hooray for rainbows!

6. Gift cards to A.C. Moore or Michael's. I think this is a long shot, but hey :-)

7. Patterns for crocheting and sewing (with a machine). Doesn't really matter what the patterns are for--if I don't need/like/want the things I make, I'll give them to charity, but I want the practice with the techniques. Knitting patterns might be okay too but I'm no great knitter and a large project might be a bit daunting :-/

8. Grant someone else's wish(es). I know this is kind of cheesy and/or corny, and a lot of people say it, but I mean it. Please do something nice for somebody else, even if it's just something very very small. Spread the holiday cheer :-)

9. Kind of along the same lines...say something nice to somebody you wouldn't ordinarily talk to. Compliment that kind of weird new co-worker on her haircut, tell the lonely old man on the bus he has nice eyes, SOMEthing. Make somebody's day. :-)

10. This is also along the same lines, more. Smile at people. Random people. And MEAN it. Pay close attention to their reactions--sometimes the most ordinary-looking person can be completely transformed when they smile back at you.

Thanks in advance!

Any would-be wish-granters please email me at:

and I will provide my name and address. You can comment on this post if you like but I may not check the comments that frequently, so email is the best way to reach me. Please put "LJ Holiday Wishes" in the title and feel free to include a link to your list.

Thank you!
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Hi there. I'd be happy to send you a book or two, but most of what I have is in the sci-fi or true crime genres.