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1. I would really like some boy clothes. So much of my wardrobe is very, very girly and I'd love some looser hoodies and tee shirts and plaid button downs and that kind of thing. My size in guys is a small or a medium or whatever would fit DD boobs.

2. Books. Books books books. I will read anything and everything that you want to send to me and format doesn't matter. I'd love physical copies or eBooks or .pdfs or anything. The library on my campus is a research library, so I don't get to read very much fiction.

3. Yarn. I'm a knitter and I'm trying to make hats for as many people in my life as possible. I'd love anything you've got, even if it's just a few yards leftover from a project. My goal for next year is to make myself a blanket and if I could make it a crazy patchwork of yarn from everywhere that would be so cool.

4. Anything with robots or dinosaurs. Yes, yes, I am totally that geek, but man, I love robots and dinosaurs. Art that I could hang on my dorm wall would be totally cool, or action figures or anything. If you had something with a robot dinosaur, I would probably die of glee.

5. Interesting things to hang up in my dorm! I have to move where I live every year 'cause I'm still at school and my walls always look so bare and boring and pathetic. If you had any posters you don't want anymore or postcards or anything I can stick up with a tack, that would be awesome.

6. I have an unhealthy amount of love for journals and stationary. For a long time I've been wanting a journal with prompts and things to write about inside it. I love reading things in other people's handwriting and seeing their thoughts. Also, pens.

7. 2g plugs! My ears have finally settled down from the stretch up to 2g and I have so very few plugs that fit. Any style and any size would be A++ amounts of AMAZING. Thanks you, trafalmadore

8. Trans!fic. I know, I know, but it's something I don't think I could write for a lot of reasons, but I love reading it. Panic is my band of choice, but I don't care if it's Spencer or Brendon or MtF or FtM, just so long as it's well written and honest and remembers that being trans doesn't mean you can't end up happy in the end and along the way.

9. Okay, this is going to be the unreasonable wish. I'd really, really love for my aunt to get a job. She works in mortgages and she's been fired and hired and fired and hired and things are really, really tight for her right now. I want my mom to be happy and my sisters to be okay. I want this next year to be better.

10. I want you to go find someone you love and give them a hug and tell them how much they mean to you.
While I can't offer your aunt a job I will be praying for her to find something and that things will start looking up for her. And also for things to go better for the next year for you. Also on 10. I do this daily, at least once, if not more often.
I don't have much in terms of 2G plugs anymore, unfortunately. However, I can offer you a pair of green colorfronts and a slightly blemished pair of rainbow dichro eyelets (the blemish being that the purple is difficult to see on one eyelet, so it looks a bit lacking). If these interest you at all, you can send your address to andavis86@gmail.com with a link back to this post. Happy holidays!
A question about #6- do you mean you want someone to send you a journal in which they have written prompts for you?

Sadly my favorite ebook community got suspended, but I do have a link that I saved from it before it did, here.