I don't want a lot for Christmas...

Howdy all. My name is Danielle, and I'm a Psych major to-be at Penn State. This Christmas is my first on my own (well, my boyfriend and I) and I would love to have some christmas cards to decorate our apartment with. So my only wish is this:

Christmas/Holiday Cards That's all I ask for. When I was little we used to hang them up all over the house, and I would really love for that to continue now that I'm living in an apartment. Just put my address with your list of people to send christmas cards, and you will make me a very happy girl. All I ask is that maybe you include something personal, a little message, a recipe, a photo... whatever strikes your fancy. :) I will send cards back to anyone that sends one to us.

Danielle & Andrew
555 Pearl St
APT 403
Reading, PA 19602

Happy Holidays, everyone.
I would be happy to add you to my CC list. We have done the same thing in my house since I was a kid.

I'll PM you my address. *hugs* Happy Holidays.
I would love to send a card! If I could get you to possibly send me an email with your lj name and a link to your list, that would be fantastic...! That way, I don't forget! Haha.

pcharmes2 at gmail d.ot com
Berks. P: Might be going to UP, might go somewhere else. I'm not really a huge fan of PSU.
No food restrictions, I'd love for a chicken related recipe if you have one. XD It's one of our staples.