My first year participating! Merry Christmas!

My name is Angie and I'm a 23 year old girl living in Salt Lake City. I love meeting new people and becoming involved in new things! I'm excited to be a part of this!

1. Boots. I want some boots that go higher on my calf and have a bit of a lift to them. Either a heel or a wedge (both are adorable!) but they have to be the wide calf boots or boots that tie in the front so they'll fit over my calves, which are a little larger than the average boot allows for. I wear around a size 9... Give or take a half a size in some shoes...

2. Cute corsets and sundresses. Usually empire waist looks better on me, and I'm a bigger girl. I'd like a variety of corsets and sundresses or cute skirts and dress wear.

3. Tights. I really want some tights fit for a bigger girl. I did manage to find one pair, and a website that sells them, but I can't find any warmer winter tights to wear under my little dresses and I wish so much to find some! Like the cute knit ones. (I love knee high socks too! I'd settle for some of them probably!)

4. A sewing machine. I wish so badly that I could have a sewing machine. I want to start sewing things, and my grandmother's recently quit. I miss being able to put stuff together like that!

5. A digital camera. Mine bit the dust the other day, and I've been sad ever since. I'd be happy with a camera that takes decent digital pictures. I'm going to have to borrow one for the holiday season...

6. Books! I love books... I love filling my shelves with books, especially old ones. I'm also always looking for new and interesting reads! If you want something more specific, check out my Amazon Wish List!

7. Movie out-of-stock cards. This is an odd one, but recently a local Blockbuster went out of business and they were selling the rental cards they use when a movie is out of stock, or when they'll be getting one in. I bought a bunch to hang on the walls (Anything from old Disney movies to new movies that I love, and especially classics like Miracle on 34th street!) around the TV in the living room. I love the idea, and I want more to put up but can't find them online! In which case, cool movie posters could work too... Movie memorabilia really.

8. Those journals that I'm in love with by Paperblanks. They sell them at Barnes & Nobles too. You can see my blog about them here. The ones I want the most are the Edgar Allan Poe, Charlotte Bronte, and Van Goh. (Poe is the one I'm drooling over the most though, honestly.)

9. Picture frames. I'd love some new frames (Especially the multiple photo ones) to hang on my walls!

10. Surprise me! I'd love a letter/card and something unique from the place where you live! I love culture and learning about people and places. So send me something unique about you or the place you live. It can be anything! I'm excited!

Thanks to anyone who thinks of anything! I'll try and do the same for you! :)

Email me if you'd like to help fulfill any of my wishes! I can give you information that you need and my address etc. :)

Sizes 20-22 or XL-XXL
Shoes 8.5-9
Yay! I have things for you! :D Heyas, can you send me your measurements in an email (specifically, bust and waist)- I have a sundress that I made that might fit you, but I want to do any necessary alterations to it before I send it your way. Thanks! :D
According to Amazon, you should be getting a very awesome book sometime before the 24th. :)
Oh my goodness!
yourgypsy - You are so awesome! Thank you so much!

And artemishi - I love you as always!
Oh no! I think my Amazon wishlist had the wrong address defaulted! I hope it comes through... But if you have any problems please let me know!
Holiday Wishes.. 2009 - contact info request.
Hi Angie.. I've emailed you twice for your mailing address & I haven't heard from you.. Could you send me an email, but pls include your lj username & use the subject holiday wishes.. My email is neonrose5 at

Re: Holiday Wishes.. 2009 - contact info request.
Hi! I've replied back twice, I don't think you're getting it... I'll just put it here, and anyone who wants to use it can.

Angie G
1244 Windsor Dr Apt D
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Sorry about the trouble!
Re: Holiday Wishes.. 2009 - contact info request.
I am such a looser.. I can't seem to keep myself organized.. I didn't have your address with the username, so I figured i didn't have it.. Oi.. What a space cadet I am sometimes..

No worries tho, I recall writing up your wish today. :) should go out tomorrow or Saturday.. :)
Re: Holiday Wishes.. 2009 - contact info request.
Aww! thanks so much! That's so sweet!