Happy Holidays 2009 you guyz

Hello everyone! Call me Kick!

I am a NYC graphic designer, fiber artist and part-time writer. I am also a fabulous, courageous, strong and creative woman and a survivor of decades of abuse. I escaped and am starting with a gloriously clean slate. YAY ME! \o/

*does a victory dance*

I recently had pneumo (no thanks to the piggy flu!) and had a lot of time to net surf while in bed with my laptop. I came across this comm, and it looks like a good thing. I am looking forward to seeing what I can give to others. Giving is awesome, because knowing someone is happy is the best feeling! Be a Santa!

Okay, my wish list, in no particular order.

1) I'd love to make rent for December. Being sick kind of kicked my ass in that area. An alternative would be anything or action that would prevent me being homeless. This is my biggest fear and the bogeyman for me. I'd love to slay that dragon in a big way.

2) A pump for a Coleman air mattress. Or a real bed, like a mattress and stuff. Nice sheets would be considered icing on the cake. :D I don't really have any furniture, and mostly I don't mind, but comfortable sleep is essential to a positive outlook and good quality of like. Plus waking up in a vinyl hammock is kinda suck.

3) A job. Self-sustaining work. Email me for the details.

4) Assuming I am not going to be homeless in the future, I would love to get my stuff out of storage – my stuff is 35 miles away in a different city and I have no car, know no one with a car.

5) Back rubs! Neck rubs! I am a massage junkie! Gift certificate form is welcome. Long distance reiki is a welcome alternative. Wooo endorphins!

6) Chocolate in any form.

7) A new cell phone, because mine is literally falling apart. (Verizon service) A nice used one that is not falling apart and works would be cool as long as it has a working charger with it. Not picky about the features, color, and so on. I can get it activated.

8) A monthly pass NYC Metrocard for the month of December.

9) Pretty craft materials, because I do that thing: cotton fabrics (scraps and fat 1/4's are fine), nice yarns (again, small amounts are fine), beads, odd buttons, findings, sewing notions; ask if you are not sure. Feel free to clean out an unused stash (consider it my gift of storage space to YOU!). Making things brings me great pleasure and eases stress. Keeps my hands out of trouble!

10) For everyone in the universe to watch and love my favorite TV show.
♥ If you start watching it or buy the DVDs because of me, please leave a comment.
♥ If you don't, hey, it's fine, no comment needed. To each their own.
♥ If you already do, YOU ARE MADE OF AWESOME100

My contact info: kickatthedark at gmail dot com

You can reply here, too, if you want my mailing addy or any other info or have questions.
I do have another LJ, but my identity/other username is private because there are still nasty bad people in my life, and I like my privacy and safety. :-)

Thanks! Love ya! Now off to see if I can do something for someone else. Because you never know if you can hook someone up to the good stuff. Bye!
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Farscape rocks! I'm so happy they are releasing the entire season on DVD. :D
My brother and I are HUGE Farscape nuts (and then became Firefly nuts as well...nice icon pic! heehee)