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Heeeey, everyone.

My name is Iwona, a 25-year-old girl from Poland. I've just found this community... and fell in love with the idea immediately. Such a great way to make somebody's Christmas special. ♥ you for that (and will try to grant at least a few of the wishes).

Now, for my first ever wishlist...

1) 'Enigma' by Peter Milligan
Yup, it's included in #2 as well. But I decided to single it out, cause I can buy most of these other things in Poland (and will do that one day, most probably)... But no such a luck wit Enigma (I've been looking for this comic book for a past year and a half, with no success) . And I love it just too much not to own its copy ):
2) Anything else from my Amazon Wishlist.
3) A bowler hat :D
4) Any cool scarves/neckerchiefs. Or fingerless gloves/mittens. Or furry earmuffs (can you tell I'm freezing? xD). Or leggings/tights. Or simple canvas bags. Or ties. Or braces. Or big sunglasses. Or comic book tees :D (Size: men S or M, women M)
Basically - any funky accesory (?) I can carry with me (almost) everyday, that'll remind me of you :)
5) Um... Any sweets from your part of the world? ;)
6) A pocket-size 2010 calendar.
7) Postcards.
Any and all. Chrismats cards, postcards from your place of living, black and white photography... Hell, I'd be more than happy to get a letter or two. And swap some FBs/decos... I just ♥ snail mail. So if you don't mind sending something to Poland... ;)
8) Fan-stuff.
Like fanarts, fanfics, icons... My fandoms/er, so-called pairings? Comic books: Kon/Tim(/Steph), Roy/Dick(/Kory), Kyle/Connor, Hal/Ollie(/Dinah), Boostle, Rictor/Shatterstar, Jamie Madrox/Jamie Madrox, Jean Paul/Bobby, Steve/Tony, Dark Avengers orgy... ;) Discworld: William/Otto(/Sacharissa), Vetinari/Vimes, Vetinari/Drumknott, Polly/Mal, Moist/Capt. Jack from Torchwood (my special crack pairing :D)... Harry Potter: Harry/Draco, Sirius/James(/Lily). BBC Merlin: Arthur/Merlin(/Lancelot), Doctor Who: Doctor (any ;P)/Jack/Rose, True Blood: Godric/Eric, Eric/Bill, Eric/Lafayette, Pam/Sookie. Being Human: George/Mitchell/Annie... Oh, yes, I kinda have a soft spot for threesomes. Wanna feed my kink? :D There's nearly not enough threesomes stuff in the fandom (ANY fandom).
9) A tattoo-design.
Either simple, graphic-looking phoenix wings to put on my back or words 'Don't dream it, be it' with RH(P)S lips for my wrist.
10) Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays for everyone! :D

Oh, and I'm perfectly fine with used things, as used = cheaper... And yup, I mean this about #3 & #4 as well (second-hand stuff = ♥ :D).

If you think you can help me with any of these... Just leave me a comment and I'll PM you with my address? Or mail me on milly_uzumaki@yahoo.co.uk

*off to browse other wishlists*
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I can write you a Harry/Draco story! ^_^

Anything you hate to read (so I don't write something you can't stand!)
Huh... I decided to think it through for a day - and I don't think I have any real squicks (...yeah). So, whatever you decide - it's fine with me: be it angst, fluff, complete and utter crack... Thanks in advance! ♥

Do you mind linking me to your wishlist? Maybe I can help you with something too... ;)
I think I'd like to try my hand at a Sirius/James/Lily. Anything that squicks you I should avoid?
Hm, I thought it through past day and no, I don't think I have any real squicks... Well, unless you mean something like leaving one of them on their animagus form - then it may be slightly too much even for me ;) Other than that - whatever you'll write is fine with me. Angst, fluff, complete and utter crack, filthy porn - I don't mind. Thanks in advance.

And... Mind sharing a link to your wishlist? Maybe I can do something in return?
Oh, I can think about one thing: I wouldn't want Lilly to be a center of attention, with no interaction between the boys, that just doesn't suit my vision of them. Hope you don't mind ;)
Hello! I'm into sending/getting postcards from everywhere and I just couldn't skip Poland because I'm 1/4 Polish but have no touch with the country :( And I see that you love accessories so I cand send you a tie or two, from my collection,and a neckerchief or something. message me or send an email to poltorakota@inbox.ru
OMG, I love your e-mail address :D But... What happend with the other half of that second cat? :( (if it means what i think it mean, that is...) Will message you in a moment with my address... Huh... And did you mind a wishlist too? Maybe I can send you some little package in return (hm... if I can think about something typically Polish...)? Of course, besides a postcard - you can be sure of getting it. Hm... Do you prefer a postcard from my town, a Christmas card, a funny one... All of the above? :D

Thanks for your kind offer! ♥

And I'm partially Russian too.
Don't worry about the cat, it's okay :) It's just about how much of a cat I am... more than one, but less than two :) It's my favourite word somehow, and I sell my polymerclay beads under that name :) Yes I have a wishlisn here, its http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=polina_bag&keyword=my+list&filter=all The postcard can be of any kind... well, maybe Christmas, its Christmas after all :) Oh I'm glad I met you here! Should I send you a message with my address?
Hey, I was mainly joking ;P With these icons of yours, I can't possibly imagine you to be a cruel cutting-a-cat-in-two person ;) Anyways: I STILL love your mail addy :D

Ok, the link didn't work for me... But I found it anyways :D Now I'm thinking what I can help you with... Well, if you don't mind talking to someone, whose in English isn't perfect as well, we may agree I'm just granting #1 :D Um... I may send you some beads from my broken necklaces, if you want - maybe you could use them in some creative way? If I'll find anything ladybug related, I'll send you as well (heh, you'd like it in Poland; one of the most common supermarkets is called 'Biedronka' = 'ladybug' ;) With a big ladybug in their logo of course :D). #8 would be hard to do at this precise moment, as it's almost midnight and my family is sound asleep ;P Hm, and if there'll be any more snow this year (though I secretly hope not - did I mention, I'm FREZZING?), I'll do #9. I'll think about #6 & #7 ;)

A for your address: did you get my message? Just answet it with your addy. Or send it in a new pm/e-mail, I check all my accounts.
Oh good, you've found my list! I'm not a very clever LJ user :)All the grantings are accepted & appreciated :)I'm sending you my addres in an LJ message. I got yours and wrote it down, so that I don't lose it :)
I'd be happy to grant a couple of these wishes! send me an email with your mailing address to foolishdream@gmail.com :)
I would be happy to send you a postcard!

rachael.richardson@gmail.com :)
I just sent it to the moderators, so hopefully it will be approved soon! let me know if you don't see it within the next day or two, or if you just want to check in before, that's fine too!
Arrrgh, I already added your wishlist to my memories, decided, what to get you... and forgot to comment. Go me.